dream wreathThe exact dream action will break down whether one has dreamt of a victory wreath or of a burial (with the usual wreath jewellery). By the way, dead person’s wreaths can also be a symbol for the completion of a job and the honour (the success, the esteem) after produced achievement. As a circle he symbolises duration and perfection as well as everlasting life.

  • wreath can symbolise the wish for marriage and family and can also remind of the possibility of own death.
  • The Easter wreath indicates at optimism and atmosphere of departure, an Advent wreath on expectation and nice hours in the family circle, bridal wreaths symbolise the wish for erotic connection.
  • this means

  • Receiving the dreaming in his dream a wreath, that he is selected and is maybe distinguished.
  • Carrying one him on the head, one may count on honour and recognition, provided that he has not wilted and announces then disappointments in which he hard has to carry.
  • Giving the dreaming to another person a wreath, this expresses the meaning of his respect with this person.
  • he indicates

  • on the grave that, finally, one should reconcile himself with somebody.
  • Who himself binds a wreath from flowers, can hope for a luck-promising future.
  • The wreath can have as a vision the same meaning like other binding objects, for example, like halter and dishes. He produces a connection, does not split can become, or a victim which must be accepted.
  • The ‘virgin’s wreath’ was valid traditionally

  • as a sexual symbol. If girl had dreamt of it, it was interpreted always as a token for a quick wedding. However, really it was a lot rather the conversion of her ‘maiden’ fear of the wedding night in which her ‘small wreath are tore’ had to go.


All twisted is obstructive because of the interweaving in view of marriage ceremonies, friendship and communities of good premeaning, against it concerning a trip, a run away and escape because of the tangles, – further they are unsuitable for enterprises, excluded for the people who explain something with guile and to stick because of her quality they give the people who live in fear frights. To be decorated with a wreath which is twisted from flowers which correspond on the whole to the season in which one is, brings blessing, – disastrous against it it is if they belong to another season. Because it is necessary to the clarity because of to speak of every single wreath, I immediately want to begin with it. Wreaths from narcissi give notice, even if one looks them in her season, each misfortune in (narcissi were used the whole antiquity through to the jewellery of the graves. The disastrous connection with the water decreases to the known legend of the nice youth Narkissos. This had disdained the love of the mountain nymph echo and, therefore, had to fall in love in a spring with his own picture.) particularly which win her living by the water immediately or indirectly, further that which plan a sea voyage. Wreaths from violet, at the moment of her blossom, are from good, at any other time of bad premeaning, – closer there wreaths from white violets mean obvious and bad adversities which passes from saffron-coloured (yellow) less bad, while the purple even heralds of the death are, – then anyhow a mysterious respect between magenta colour and the death. (For the misfortune-bringing meaning of the purple violet wreaths the use of this flower was authoritative in the cult of the dead, – after them the Roman dead person’s party of the Violaria was named. Also with Homer’s Iliad she meets us three times.) Wreaths from roses, at the moment of her blossom promise each blessing, excluded sick people and people who want to stay undiscovered, – then one they heap there because they wilt fast, the others betray them by her smell. Everywhere where one gets roses also in winter, one interprets them, in any case, as a good portent. One used wreaths from tumbleweed (A sort of immortelle, – because of his durability him to the jewellery and to the Bekränzung of images of a god and graves.) are luck-bringing for each, particularly for the people who carry on a lawsuit because tumbleweed, how already the name means all year round his fresh colour keeps. Sick person means them to evil, one consecrates these flowers to dead people or gods, but only seldom people. Lily wreaths shift the shops to better times. Misfortune makes to everybody dress up with a wreath from mint, Phrygian Amaracus, sorrel, Alante, anemone and marjoram (This image certainly decreases to the use of these plants in the remedial customer. Thus wreaths in the folk medicine were usual means, e.g., against headaches. See the also work of the Dioskurides (1. Cent. A.D.) under Nero in Rome lived.) ,-mostly it announces illness. The blossom of the mallows and the oleander (The mallow is a plant of the cult of the dead, and it is due to chtonischen character that the Pythagoreer disdained them as a food. One held the oleander for an injurious shrub whose blossoms and sheets smell of murder.) if luck brings only to gardeners and farmers, while she announces all other drudgeries and travelling. The same meaning have excluded the thyme, his parasite and the clover, for doctors, – this they are of use. A wreath also Eppich (Also of the Eppich is connected with the death and burial, – proverbially one says of a desperate sick person, he needs the Eppichs. With wreaths from Eppich the winners were also decorated in the competitions with isthmischen and nemeischen plays. Both Agone were after the faith of the old people originally funeral plays. The Eppichkranz solved, probably only in the imperial time, the spruce wreath as a price of the winner in the Isthmien from.) heaps sick people, particularly those who suffer from the dropsy, away because the plant is cold and humid and because this wreath will lend with the dead person’s plays as a victory price. He brings athletes luck, all other misfortune big against it. Wreaths from date palm and from the olive tree favour because of the interweaving conjugal connections (Like Plutarch (Amatorius 10,755A) told, one decorated with wreaths of the palm and from the olive tree in a wedding the doors.) with free-born women and prophesy because of the evergreen children to whom a long life is given, – closer there the date palm promises a son, the olive tree a daughter. Athletes and arms are favorable they, – the latter make them rich, – the ersteren ones famous. Slaves bring them the freedom, – then carrying such wreaths is Prereally of the open air. However, they uncover the concealed because gaining such wreaths provides for sensation. Wreaths from oak leaves and laurel mean the same. A myrtle wreath calls the same like a wreath of the olive tree, however, it brings because of the Demeter farmers and because of Aphrodite women bigger blessing, – the plant is consecrated to both goddesses. Wreaths from wax announce all death and downfall, particularly sick people because the writers call the death also ‘Ker’. (Wordplay: kerinos = waxy and Ker = death goddess). Wreaths from wool point because of her Buntfarbigkeit (Multi colour woollen threads, mostly such of red, black and white colour found in the damage and bandage magic as a magic chain use.) on magic and magic connections, – wreaths of salt or sulphur indicate charges from on the part of powerful figures the dreaming, – then these wreaths are from nature from haunting gravity and have nothing pleasing in themselves. A golden wreath is to be carried for a slave by bad premeaning, unless, he also has the other things which belong to it, namely the magenta dress and the suite. Misfortune brings it also to an arm because this honouring does not come up to him. Therefore, one on the torture will come which other are caught at heavy offences and of course are also tormented. To a sick person it prophesies abrupt death (The interpretation explains itself by the custom, the dead people to bekränzen, namely often with golden wreaths.) ,-since the gold is pale yellow (Offb. 6.8 Johannes becomes the horse on which the death sat and was in his suite of the Hades, as pale yellow described.), so hard and coldly and resembles the death. He brings the concealed, – a Goldbekränzter steers always all looks at itself. A golden wreath brings according to experience luck to empires, demagogs and people who strive to exercise power. Wreaths from wine foliage and ivy are favorable only to theatrical people, – to all others they prophesy because of the tendrils and tangles of the ivy binding or for same reason illness. (Wine foliage and ivy were consecrated to the Dionysos, the patron and patrons of the actors, – hence, the good premeaning for this. For the interpretation on illness is to be pointed out especially to the vast use of the ivy and the wine in the medicine.) Decapitation threatens criminals because one cuts these plants with the iron. If somebody dreams of being with onions bekränzt, it is to himself of use, his surroundings, however, damage. A man from the knighthood (The nobility in Rome divided in two groups: 1. the official’s nobility, – 2. the monetary nobility, in Rome equites = knight called. The greater the influence of the economy on the politics became, all the more there grew the power of the knights. The members of both nobility groups were already recognizable from wide in the clothes, – the senators carried wide (latus sclavus), the knights a narrow magenta stripe (angustus sclavus) in the Tunica.), which to itself with the emperor around the Prätur (High rank in röm. Office career. The pregate had to explain as the highest court officials the existing right, however, right could also create (till 120 A.D.) as court man after free judicial judgement independently.) promoted, dreamt, he kicks on somebody request from the house in which he stayed, two steps descend and receive from the concerning one an olive wreath as him Roman knights are in habit to carry on the pageants. About that he was very joyful, and also his people were confident of the dream face. However, he had no luck with his application. Since he had accepted the wreath when he the steps not up, but had descended, – however, we call the progress in the life climbing up, the opposite as dosshouses. The wreath, however, caused because of which connection and because the olive tree of the maiden goddess (Athena) is holy that he married a virgin. All wreaths which mean something good bring if they sit not on the head, but on another body part, evil. Zoilos which had accompanied his sons to the Olympic games, so that one lines up to the wrestling match, which other to the Allkampf, dreamt, her foot ankles are with wreaths of the noble and from the wild olive tree umwunden. He was of good courage because wreaths are holy and victory prices and are lent in the Olympic games, – however, it died to him both sons still before the competition, – then around the foot ankles they were not far from the earth remove.


At spiritual level the wreath in the dream has three meanings: Devotion, victim or death (change). Which applies, depends on the dream connection.



  • from sheets: big honour will happen to you, –
  • from flowers: a quickly passing joy, – also: glad festivity with preparation of tender gang, –
  • from straw flowers: love breaks up, –
  • from roses: hot love affairs, –
  • from myrtles: celebrate shortly wedding, –
  • from firs: long loyal friendship and love, –
  • from pearls: Tears and grief, –
  • with cordons bleu: Engagement and wedding, –
  • with black tapes: Death in the family, –
  • on the grave see or lay down: hope must bury, –
  • in the door: you become honoured and are loved, –
  • on the ground: you find recognition and wealth, –
  • carry: unexpected honourary names attain, –
  • hand with a festivity: in social traffic step, –
  • bind: your love to the other gender will not dwindle so easily, – also: pleasing future in view have, –
  • carry on a burial or see: a painful bereavement experience.
  • Dreaming a woman, them has lost her wreath or has broken, she soon becomes the widow, – she gets another wreath, she will marry another man.

(European ones).:

  • longing of the woman for the marriage, – sexual second symbol, – also: Joy and grief, according to the accompanying Nebenbildern in the dream, – also: One is covered with attention. Nevertheless, one is not always interested in himself, but in the influence and the good relations on account of the high social position which one holds.
  • carry one: forthcoming honour, –
  • a bridal wreath: if the happy end of unsafe engagements, –
  • announces

  • from fresh flowers: it will come up to a soon wonderful opportunity to become rich, –
  • carry a myrtle wreath or see: forthcoming wedding, –
  • wilted on the head carry: one will experience a disappointment, –
  • a wilted one in general: if Li> stands for illness and disappointed love,
  • bind: heavy work with good courage, – promises a nice future, –
  • see a golden one: if Li> means to sick people the death, rich success, poor bad luck,
  • lay on a grave: if means a reconciliation, – also: one should bury hope, finally, –
  • then

  • Decorating a young woman the head of her lover with laurel, will have them a loyal one as well as a famous man.


  • on the head carry: you must be caught, because you will suffer a loss, –
  • carry: Honour and luck, –
  • more green: Fulfilment of your wishes, –
  • of myrtle: Dear luck and wedding, –
  • more withered: Wedding and child blessing, –
  • winding wreaths: Twins, –
  • of flowers: Lovesickness, –
  • from roses: do not forget your parents, –
  • of palms: for single marriage, for married well-behaved children, –
  • wreath and foliage: Honour and fame, –
  • more golden: a nice life, –
  • wind: you will contribute to the union of lovers, –
  • on a grave: Inheritance.

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