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Wood often embodies ideas, convictions and behaviour patterns of a person which have become the habit, – then one should work self-critically on himself, so that the life does not solidify in routine, this is valid particularly if wood is friable hard, dry or rotten. According to the accompanying circumstances, for example, the following other meanings are possible and are conceivable:

  • wood work on points to creative activities.
  • as a timber is it for the ability of the dreaming to estimate the past properly and to be based on previous. The dreaming is able to establish somewhat of duration.
  • This saw from wood describes the toil with which we do something in the awake life.
  • layers we the wood on, this proves our good will to bring order in our life.
  • Who hacks wood, is recompensed because he is able to share.
  • seeing we hack wood other in the dream, a separation stands to us possibly in the house.
  • Who throws wood in the fire, pokes the passion.
  • wooden toys throws a light on his relations with his naturalness as a vision.
  • wood carve symbolised in general the creation of the life, – tip to a not used artistic talent.
  • of old person, rotten wood symbolises a Verhärtung of the feelings. With older people it points out to the fact that they cannot scoop any more from the full, her forces any more may not demand too much, the eyes no longer before ageing should close.
  • drives out the wood, the solidification is overcome and it is getting better.
  • Verdörrtes and dead wood marks the far last feelings.


At the spiritual level wood is understood in the dream as a manifestation of the mind. If the wood is still raw in the dream, and it stands with the free nature in connection, the dreaming must practice a certain control of his mind.



  • see in big heap: Money take,
  • hack with negative feeling: Loss suffer, – property loss, – with positive feeling: material use from a success move, – also: your health will be strong,
  • others see hacking: one will hear from an unexpected death,
  • saw: one will still have a lot of trouble, until the success appears,
  • see hit or felling: Death of a friend, – bereavement,
  • trail: one penetrates into your secrets,
  • get together: must count on grief and misery,
  • carry firewood: in poverty get,
  • carry timber: you prepare a love affair,
  • throw in the fire: one should be more sparing with small things,
  • burning: you lose precious possession,
  • burn: a damage suffer,
  • decayed, see shining: one will cheat you,
  • on the water see swimming: the imaginary luck will stay away you,
  • shop: you experience something disagreeable,
  • steal: your success is challenged for you.


  • a good omen: Wood symbolises human permanence, mental stability, material security and internal peace. They should use the pleasant time which approaches you to follow interests which you could not perceive up to now. Now above all the moment is favorable for artistic activities. (Man


(European ones).:

  • announces generally: Profit and salary by heavy work,
  • process: you will achieve the desired success,
  • hack: brings a property loss, – also: one will get by others in danger,
  • others see hacking: meant a death or bad news,
  • saw themselves wood: one will have to work for little wage hard,
  • to somebody see sawing wood: one will make the acquaintance of a wretched goblin,
  • saw cut timber: forecasts imprudent transactions in the commercial life,
  • see cut timber: if only low reward or joy,
  • means many difficult duties, however

  • polish: meant an uncertain enterprise,
  • carve: one will succeed in artistic area,
  • do woodwork: one will come to honour, – sign of positive changes,
  • throw in the fire: if means waste,
  • burn: if quarrel tells in, – Li> sends a reminder to more thrift,
  • look: Grief and murky mood are to be expected in the next time,
  • collect or pick up: meant annoyance, – heartbreak, – also: points to hard work which protects the prosperity,
  • in the water road swimming see: Failure of hopes,
  • in the water swimming in general: Misfortune by envy and envy approaches more different,
  • see decayed luminous one: one is deceived towards a friend by the light,
  • carry: you will get in poverty,
  • see stacking: one will reach by heavy work to a quiet future,
  • stack: stands for unwieldy, but very successful work,
  • shop: you will come to embarrassment, – entails expenditures,
  • act: brings financial yield,
  • timber: if a sign is for happy times and peaceful surroundings,
  • apparently dead timber: promises big disappointments,
  • burning piles of wood: are a sign for profit from unexpected spring,
  • pile of wood: if discontent means in the business and misunderstandings in the love.


  • see swimming: your expected luck is destroyed by envious person,
  • the dry: you may not give way, once the so longed-for luck will also come to you,
  • wet: overnight the luck often comes to the house,
  • the rotten: the age becomes apparent and you do not want to admit it,
  • collect: you still have to go a hard way, until your aim is achieved,
  • burn: Grief.

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