dream wallpaperIf the dreaming removes wallpaper in his dream, he removes with it an old facade to substitute for them with a new one or, however, to present himself to his person unveiled. In the dream tells to wallpaper a space anew, which to hide Even from the looks more different, even if only with a thin layer slightly to be damaged.


In the dream the wallpaper for a space has a similar meaning like clothes for a person. The dreaming creates a protection from other. Though this protection should make a good impression and is not very stable, disturbs, nevertheless, however, his relations with his sphere. Maybe the dreaming would like to carry out changes in his life, however, must try out first what is the fitting one for him. The colour of the wallpaper can play an important role



At the spiritual level the wallpaper in the dream can show a sort of protection before negative influence.



  • you will find out secrets, – you cover your true thoughts.

(European ones).:

  • one leaves in the dark you about something important, – one will come to the possession of nice house devices.


  • see: your house order is good.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Wallpaper

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