Dreams about the dead can be interpreted as a warning that you are doing something wrong. Such a dream also indicates that you or someone close to you is going through a time of change, transformation, which opens up new possibilities. It also often conveys messages about your health.

Dreambook Departed

To be Departed (to be dead).

A dream about your own death means that you are undergoing a great transformation. It also indicates that you are becoming a more considerate and spiritual person, you begin to better understand the fragility of life and see its beauty.


Another dream meaning can be interpreted as a desperation to escape from responsibilities and obligations because you feel overwhelmed by them. According to Dreambook, a dream about your own death can mean health, and if you are sick – a fast recovery.

Departed parent (mother, father).

The dream means that you may go through difficult times.

If in your dream one of your parents is resurrected, it means that something good will happen in your life, and something you have longed for will come true. Happiness and joy are knocking at your door.

If you dream that your parents die, you should interpret this dream as an admonition, it is a sign that you do not spend plenty of time with them properly or do not treat them as you should.

Departed husband or wife (partner).

The dream can be interpreted as understanding that your partner has assets and good qualities that you lack. Dreambook also says that you may no longer need this person in your life, thus consider separating, as continuing such a relationship, is not advisable.

Departed child

You are on the way to losing happiness and peace of mind. This dream also indicates that in the past you did not close problems until the end, thus they will return and haunt you. This phase must enter your life for real changes to begin.


Dreambook explains that life gives you new opportunities, announces the beginning of a new project, or understands why you should abandon a project from the past.

Departed relative (grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt).

This dream means that it is very difficult for you to live without this person. Other dream meanings Dreambook explains as remorse over a dispute that has not been resolved or dissatisfaction with a situation.

Departed friend or acquaintance

Dreaming about the death of friends or relatives signifies the prosperity of this person, and that his life will improve. If you think of them and give them positive feelings, know that they will soon experience changes at work or in their private life.

Many departed

Dreaming about many dead people carries a positive message. It means plenty of happiness and health for you and your loved ones. You have nothing to worry about, it’s time to enjoy what you have.

Blood and Departed

A dream about blood and the dead shows the value of the effort you put into your daily obligations. You are likely to feel tired.

Another meaning of the dream indicates internal changes, you become a person who understands the situation he is going through, and you think that this is not the time to rest. You are striving for stability.

Departed in water

The dream can mean financial problems, stagnation, and loss of liquidity, especially if you run your own business. Other meanings of the dream may suggest emotional problems. Talk to someone you trust and take care of your mood.

Departed without a head

The dream may foretell separation, loss of strength, or acting without thinking. Try to control your emotions and stress, and act without haste.


Departed comes to life

The dream foretells the end of a bad period and approaching moments of happiness and peace.

It can also be a good time to let go of negative experiences and move on.

Departed alive

A dream about someone who is alive, but in your dream appears as a dead person or vice versa, heralds uncertainty and the need to seek emotional support. This dream often occurs when you feel lonely.

Summary : Departed dream meaning

  • To be Departed (be dead) – you are undergoing a great transformation
  • Departed parent (mother, father) – you may go through difficult times
  • Departed husband or wife (partner) – think about your relationship
  • Departed child – changes are coming
  • Departed relative (grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt) – you have a guilty conscience
  • Departed acquaintance or friend – your friend’s life will improve
  • Many Departed – plenty of luck awaits you
  • Blood and Departed – you feel tired
  • Departed in water – be careful with your finances and emotions
  • Departed without a head – do not act without thinking
  • Departed comes to life – the end of a bad period is coming
  • Departed alive – you feel insecure
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