A dream about hair

A dream about hair

A dream about hair

Hair is a man’s adornment, especially when it is well-kept, dense and carefully combed. For ages, it had been believed that hair is the place where vitality and lively energy are located (remember the biblical Samson, who, losing his hair, also lost his supernatural powers). Later, it was considered to be the symbol of sexuality, and its cutting off was associated with castration. It was also sacrificed to gods. Having the head shaved equaled being humiliated.

There are a lot of versions of this dream. On one hand, something strange may happen to our hair – it may be weirdly cut, to our wish or against our will, we may lose it in unexplained circumstances, or grow unnaturally fast. Its look may also be various – it may be well-kept, clean, beautiful, or sparse, dirty, uncombed. It may also be died, loose or tied. We may be also dreaming about having an extremely hairy body, or haired in untypical places.


How to interpret a dream about hair?

The interpretation should be started from determining whose hair it was. Our healthy and fast growing hair is the metaphor for our thoughts, health, vitality and lively energy.

A long, stunning, carefully combed hair may symbolize that our consciousness is trying to contact the unconscious sensuality, while going bald or losing hair may indicate the loss of energy or potency.

It is worth paying attention to the condition of our hair, as it may reflect our current psychical condition. If the hair is wavy, ruffled, it may mean the chaos in our head, while combing or cutting hair may indicate the need of settling some matters in our life, which have been waiting for it a long time.

A hairstyle also matters – tied hair indicate that we are subconsciously afraid to lose a close person, and we do not know how to behave in such a situation, died hair is the sign of our duplicity or being dishonest in some matter – maybe we are afraid of the others’ reaction to our real thoughts or feelings… A weird hairstyle, died to an unusual color, means that for some reason, we feel frustrated and anxious, sometimes unnecessarily.

How would Jung interpret a dream about hair?

According to the psychologists of Jung’s school, dreaming about having our hair cut may mean that we are afraid of being judged or watched closely in real life. A very long hair means that we have to make an important and sensible decision, while losing hair may be related to the feeling of helplessness.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about hair

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