A dream about a forest

A dream about a forest

A dream about a forest

If you are dreaming about a forest – no matter whether it is scary like in movies, or calm and peaceful, where it is nice to get some rest – you should not ignore it, as it may give you a lot of information about yourself.

There a lot of version of this dream, that is why we should pay attention to all details interpreting our own one – how we behave, whether we are happy to be there or rather scared, if there is a danger waiting for us somewhere in the dark or everything is fine, etc.


How to interpret a dream about a forest, we advise below. The tips will help you draw to the correct conclusion after the analysis.

How to interpret a dream about a forest?

As a general rule, a forest is believed to be the symbol of unconsciousness. Forest are a dark, mysterious, vast space, the residence of the unknown. As a result, it is easy to get lost in a forest.

If we are dreaming about a forest, we may suspect that we are dreaming about our unconsciousness. This is because a forest in our dream is the vegetative aspect of our unconsciousness: life, growth, primitive instincts, Mother Nature. On the contrary to an ocean, which is another archetypical symbol, a forest has friendly aspects. It can be a shelter, it is smaller, more limited and explorable, while an ocean is always vast, unsafe, dangerous and infinite.

Also a forest appearing in our dream may be the symbol of the need or desire to escape the reality – to regain and revive our energy – it usually happens when we are dreaming about a lush, healthy, beautiful, green forest, the one we will feel perfect in. Being in a dark, dense forest may indicate that something in your life is getting complicated, that you are afraid to talk about something, and problems which you can not overcome appear.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a forest

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