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A dream about a mountain drem interpretation
Meaning of dream A dream about a mountain :
A dream about a mountain

A dream about a mountain

A mountain is an important dream symbol which is assigned various meanings. For some people, mountain tops are fascinating, for other – scary.

We can, e.g, dream about climbing a mountain, what we do easily or with great effort, we can meet other people or be alone… In the other versions of this dream, we can watch mountains from distance, see snow-capped tops, high or little mountains…

Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a mountain

How to interpret a dream about a mountain?

Interpreting a dream about a mountain, we should pay attention to such details like the weather conditions we are climbing in, how we feel, if are we going alone or in company.

It is believed that a mountain is the archetypical symbol of the ego, and climbing it is the reaching to the kingdom of spirituality. Our behavior in the dream will allow us to estimate our attitude towards the mysterious matters of our mind. Let’s try to remember what the mountain was like – austere and distant or the opposite, whether we managed to find the way easily or we wandered around to find a track. Let’s wonder if there were any obstacles we met, which would symbolize our unaware worries.

It is worth remembering that climbing is said to be very masculine activity, it is related to mind and rational thinking, while walking down the mountain is the feminine travel to feelings, instincts and the primitive nature.

Dream Symbols : A dream about a mountain

A dream about a mountain - dream interpretation and meaning
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