A dream about a colleague

A dream about a colleague may make you aware of qualities or aspects of your life that are being neglected or that need to be developed.

Think of your friend as a metaphor for something about yourself that you need to understand or develop for your personal growth.


Dreambook colleague

Childhood colleague

The time has come to make responsible decisions. It’s time to grow up and get serious, especially regarding relationships.

Analyze how you behave or react to different situations. Don’t act on impulse, with a desire for revenge.

A colleague from long ago

If, in your dream, you meet a colleague you haven’t seen in a long time, the dream reflects your fears. Analyze what worries you so much and take action to minimize these problems.

In addition, you feel exhausted by your many commitments and daily obligations. Spend more time relaxing. Also, start leading a more active life, and take care of your health. Seek therapeutic help to better cope with stress and reorganize your life.

School colleague (from a class).

A dream about a colleague from school or class hints that someone wants to contact you or you want to meet with your old friends.

Organize a meeting. Maybe someone needs your support? The dreambook hints that renewed relationships will bring a lot of good into your life.


Colleague at work

The dream means that you can count on people who support you. Take advantage of this trust and show your gratitude.

If you quarreled with a colleague at work, Dreambook warns that there are jealous people in your professional environment. Watch out for suspicious behavior. Do not engage in intrigue.

To fight with a colleague

The dream’s meaning reveals that you may not be too happy with your relationship with this person or have some issues with him.

It is best to talk openly about problems. The dream may also mean some old grudges and unresolved problems that need to be finally cleared up to the end.

Crying colleague

You should pay more attention to the emotions of others. How about offering your support to someone? You have opportunities to support your loved ones, take more interest in their needs and try to help.

A colleague I like

If you are in a relationship, consider whether it is happy and satisfying.

If you are single, pay more attention to colleagues and friends. Some of them may have deeper feelings for you. Invest in it if it is a mutual feeling, but if not, don’t impose yourself.

A colleague who is kissing me

The dreambook tells you to devote more time to your partner because something bad may happen in your relationship, and you don’t even notice it. If you are single, the dream is a sign that someone who loves you is nearby.


A colleague who is hugging me

The dream’s meaning can be read as a call to strengthen relationships with family and friends.

It’s high time to improve relationships. If you have neglected your loved ones recently, you should work on strengthening your ties and appreciating the people who are close to you. Otherwise, you may lose the kindness of these people.

A colleague who is professing love

Perhaps someone misses you very much. The dream foretells the successful settlement of some matters. It can also mean a desire for romance, an outburst of suppressed feelings.

Party with colleagues

Such a dream reveals that you are at a very good time to start something new, such as a new job, realizing new dreams, etc.

Remember, however, that beginning always requires planning and strategy. Good luck!

A colleague who has had an accident

Be more careful when choosing friends. Some of them may be false to you.

Do not share details from your life with everyone or reveal your plans. Try to find out who your friends really are, and from those who only pretend to be them, just move away.

A colleague in prison

The dream reveals that you have a sense of guilt, you realize that you have done something wrong, and it torments you. It’s time to gather the courage to talk about your past.


The dreambook suggests that perhaps you are tormented by the qualities you possess that cause some kind of limitation in your life, such as moral or material.

Deceased colleague

If you dream about a colleague who has already died, it is a call to take action and to use the skills and qualities you possess to solve problems and to overcome obstacles.

Maybe you need to help someone? You may also want to set new goals for yourself.

Dream meaning: colleague

  • Childhood colleague – it’s time to make responsible decisions
  • Colleague from the old days – take more time to relax, take care of your health
  • Colleague from school (from class) – someone is looking for contact with you
  • Colleague from work – you can count on people who support you
  • To fight with a colleague – it’s time to finally clarify old problems to the end
  • Crying colleague – take an interest in the needs and problems of loved ones
  • A colleague who I like– pays more attention to your relationship
  • A colleague who is kissing me – spend more time with your partner
  • A colleague who hugging me – improves relationships with family and friends
  • A colleague who is professing love – someone misses you very much
  • Party with colleagues – start something new
  • A colleague who had an accident – choose your friends carefully
  • Colleague in prison – you have guilt, talk to someone about your past
  • Deceased colleague – take action, overcome obstacles

Colleague – mystical dreambook

  • This symbol can signal that you are unhappy with the relationship you are stuck in waking life, and this feeling makes you long for a real friendship.
  • If you dream that you have a colleague, it is a sign that in waking life, you will soon be living in harmony with someone, even if, up to now, your relations have not gone well.
  • When in a dream you go on a trip with a colleague, it means that you will soon receive some pleasant surprise.
  • For you, saying goodbye to a colleague may foretell a change of residence.
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