A dream about a bee

A dream about a bee

A dream about a bee

A bee is an insect which is commonly associated with such qualities as diligence, order, cleanness and immaculateness. Is is not able to survive without its swarm, which consist of several to several thousands specimens.

Its role was appreciated in ancient ages – honey was believed to be the god’s food, and a bee itself is the symbol of the sun and soul. It was also assigned an association with the gift of foreseeing the future. In Christian symbolic, it was assigned a meaning connected with the figure of Jesus Christ.


In a dream, we may see one bee or a swarm of bees, positively or negatively disposed to us, we may get stung by a bee, be chased by a swarm of bees, be trying to drive them off or to catch them, watch them work or… be a bee ourselves.

How to interpret a dream about a bee?

The Medieval people believed that bees never sleep. They were assigned a quality of constant vigilance, what found its reflection in Christianity. They also believed that bees collected they prodigies from flowers, what made them the symbol of virginity and the immaculate conception. The queen bee was believed to be the symbol of the Mother Goddess, who take care of everyone and provides welfare. So it is easy to draw a conclusion that a positive dream about bees portends happiness in the future.

If we are dreaming about being a bee, probably the decisions and plans we make are reasonable, well-planned and will bring us benefits in all spheres of our activity. Also a swarm of bees which is not attacking us portend success in business. Being stung by a bee is a signal from our subconsciousness that there is somebody in our surrounding who is not trustworthy. A dead bee in our dream may symbolize loss of money.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a bee

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