A dream about menstruation

A dream about menstruation is a sign of the end of failures and the beginning of a new and better period of life. This type of dream has a strong connection with the renewal of projects and ideas and is a sign of prosperity, vitality, and many work opportunities.

The dream can happen not only to women but also to men.


Dreambook menstruation, period

To have menstruation

A dream about menstruation means that you will receive good news.

When a woman dreams that she is menstruating, it is a sign that she will soon receive a gift (it can also be something positive, such as the result, or the effect of something). The dream also means reconciliation, reunion.

Even if you are a man, menstruation in a dream suggests a deep desire to reconcile with your partner and become a father or mother.

The dream manifests the desire to resume a relationship. In this case, menstruation symbolizes the return and restoration of the normal cycle of life, including those related to the intimate and sexual sphere.

To see menstruation of someone

Dreambook explains that such a dream foreshadows that this person will be the target of malicious comments. Another dream meaning suggests that you should be wary of gossip, as it can cause you harm. Avoid arguments and do not confide in others.

Clothes stained with menstrual blood

A dream about clothes stained with menstrual blood means revealing secrets from the past that once caused harm to those close to you. The dream represents both your inner pain in realizing the evil you have caused, and the wounds that those close to you carry inside. Apologize and ask for forgiveness.


Something will become clear that has been troubling you for a long time.

Lack of menstruation

If you dream that you do not have your period, although you are expecting it the dream means that your head is occupied by some problems that are not really there, it is only your suspicions or imaginations.

Another dream meaning suggests that you want to clear your conscience.

Dream meaning: menstruation

  • To have menstruation – you will receive good news
  • To see menstruation of someone – beware of gossip, because they can cause you harm
  • Clothes stained with menstrual blood – secrets from the past will come to light
  • Lack of menstruation – you want to clear your conscience

Menstruation – Dreambook of mysticism

In general, this symbol may foretell that you are facing an uneasy period in life in some respect.

  • When menstruation appears in a woman’s dream, it is a sign that she wants to arouse desire and appeal to men or to one particular man.
  • Menstruation appearing in a man’s dream signals that in waking life he is dreaming of some woman who is much younger than him.
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