Dream about theft

A dream about theft is a clear sign of the state of your emotions. You need to be very careful, because in these dreams there may be hidden many warnings about your personality or the situation you are experiencing.

A dream about theft of something in most cases is a reflection of experienced events or memories. Especially when these experiences are accompanied by intense emotions.


Dreambook theft

To see a theft

Dreambook predicts that you will face an unpleasant event that will embarrass you.

Everything will depend on what you do and how you act in this situation.

You are robbed

Usually, a dream that you have been robbed refers to your inner weaknesses and conflicts, as well as your ability to deal with them.

When you see in a dream that something of great importance to you is stolen, it is a clear indication that you are about to lose a friend. The relationship between the two of you was likely quite fragile, but the severance of ties will affect you significantly.

If you are robbed during the dream and do not see the faces of the thieves, the meaning of the dream can mean that you are going through difficult times, feeling very depressed and very lonely. This can bring a lot of health problems, thus you need to seek professional help.

If you have been robbed of something very valuable to you, Dreambook suggests that in waking life you should take care of what you care a lot about, what is valuable to you.


You are a thief (“you are stealing”)

The dream that you are the one who steals is related to your ambitions and goals that you want to achieve.

Another dream meaning may say that you are in danger. Soon you will find yourself in a really uncomfortable situation for yourself and you will have to deal with many problems. You need to be vigilant.

The dream can also be a symbol of betrayal. If there is someone who has caught your eye but is involved with someone else or you already have your partner, then know that such a “side jump” will have huge and unpleasant consequences not only for you.

If you are experiencing problems in waking life, you may be comparing your life with that of others and judging that yours is not going well. You have wasted plenty of time on small matters. Today you regret it and want to make up for what was lost. You envy what others have achieved. It is not too late to start something new. Take the opportunity to believe in yourself.

Accusation of theft

Dreams in which you are unjustly accused of theft are a sign that you will soon find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

You will have a conflict with someone difficult to resolve, but the situation will give you a lot to think about – learn from it.

Theft of a purse

The dream is a foreshadowing of something that you will fail. It may even be an embarrassing experience for you, but it should give you a lot to think about. Draw a lesson from this event.

Theft of bicycle

Dreambook warns of people around you. There may be someone among them, someone trying to harm you.


It is also worth taking care of your health and fitness.

Theft of a suitcase

The dream concerns your emotional life. Perhaps you will make important decisions about your relationship or someone will propose to you.

For married couples and those in lasting relationships, a time of elation, sincere confessions, and joint plans is coming.

Theft of gold

You will feel ashamed. Don’t do anything that could bring you shame in front of others. You may also have financial problems. Don’t flaunt your money.

Theft of a phone (cell phone, smartphone).

Dreambook suggests that you are too focused on yourself. Go out to people, and take an interest in the needs of your loved ones. Another meaning of the dream can be read as a warning against unkind people.

Theft of a phone in a dream is related to communication. The phone today is a source of communication and information, access to the world.

It can mean disruptions in communication with loved ones or co-workers. Be vigilant lest some misunderstandings disrupt your relationships. Do not allow them to be broken.

Theft of a camera

You can count on the support of loved ones. Don’t forget about them daily and show them your interest and support. You may have a lot on your mind, but your loved ones are the ones who will help you get out of any trouble.


Theft of shoes

You may have feelings of guilt. Make everything clear and start living the current affairs. Another dream meaning suggests that some opportunities pass you by the nose. Be more vigilant.

Theft of jacket

In social interactions, be more tolerant. Show empathy at times. At work, on the other hand, it’s a good idea to be clear and specific about your rules and stick to them firmly.

Theft of clothing

Be careful in what you say. Pay attention to your vocabulary, and your demeanor, especially if you are performing in front of many listeners.

You may want to hide something, but someone is watching you and knows about your weakness. This person may take the opportunity to reveal your secrets.

Theft of jewelry

The dream indicates that you need to take care of your finances and the things that are most important to you. There is a risk of losing an important position, at work for example. Try to look around you to indicate what is going wrong.

Your environment lacks balance, try to regain it.

Theft of alcohol

Sudden twists and turns await you. Something unexpected will happen. These events will result in positive changes or experiences. Your life will take on more color and energy.

Theft of a car.

If car theft in your dream causes you anger, rage, and sadness, it means that the planned trip or visit to a certain place is not pleasant for you.


If, on the other hand, you calmly accept the news of losing your car the dream means that you were aware that a certain task or trip was not beneficial to you, thus you will make a decision to resign.

Theft of a motorcycle

If you dream that your motorcycle was stolen, and the thief is someone you know, according to the Dreambook it is a sign that you had a conflict with this person and have not yet resolved it.

Most likely, it is just a misunderstanding, thus it is time to put your cards on the table and explain everything to the end.

Theft of the bus

You need to be assertive. Start defending your opinion. Don’t make decisions under the influence of others. Boldly express your opinions and stick to what your heart tells you.

Theft of ID (documents)

A problem you have been struggling with for a long time will begin to resolve itself. Give it more attention and commitment, and it will disappear without a trace. Another meaning of the dream speaks about making life decisions.

If you are wondering who you are, and what you would like to do in life, it is a good time to think.

Theft of a wallet

A wallet stores not only money but also documents and other valuable trinkets, such as photos of loved ones. Therefore, the theft of a wallet in a dream should be interpreted as a warning to see to personal matters.

Dreambook warns that everything related to your identity may be questioned or threatened. You can’t be too trusting, protect your affairs.


Do not allow others access to confidential information. The dream meaning also says that you will have to make legal arrangements in which your signature will be important.

Theft of a payment card

You have a guilty conscience. Get to the bottom of the matter and you’ll find that you’ve been worrying unnecessarily. It’s worth renewing friendships and reconnecting with colleagues you haven’t seen in a long time.

Theft of money

Dreambook admonishes you not to make rash decisions. Other meanings of the dream can be read as large material losses. Take care of your possessions and do not take risks.

Robbery of the apartment (theft in the apartment).

The dream can mean family problems. Try to be helpful to loved ones, and calm disputes. It is also possible that someone will lie to you, do not believe everything you hear.

Theft at home

You need to be more wary of some people who have accidentally entered your life, such as a new friend or partner you don’t quite know.

This person may be observing your steps, is very interested in you, and may be questioning how you live, what you do, and what your plans are. The home is all you have.

It symbolizes material goods, but also intangible goods, which are associated with feelings, a sense of closeness, and security. Violation of home space is always painful and significant for life.

Dreambook also warns against taking risks, because it can make you lose everything. It could be about gambling, borrowing, or some risky behavior.


The dream can also be related to another person, which makes you lose energy, time, and money. You need to take precautions.

Theft at work

When you dream that someone stealing at your workplace, the dream probably reflects your fear of betrayal or conflicts in it.

It is also a sign of irrational fear of completing projects, taking risks. This fear can destabilize your life and prove to be quite unfounded.

A dream about theft in the work environment is a clear indication that you feel oppressed and insecure in it.

To be accused of theft

You are wrong and making mistakes that directly affect the environment in which you live. The dream warns you to think about how you behave.

To accuse someone of theft

Someone in your environment is acting inappropriately in your opinion. You will not allow him to continue to harm others, you will expose his actions. If you know of something that is very wrong, you must publicly condemn it.

Police during a theft

According to the Dreambook, a dream in which the police appear and catch a thief in the act is usually a warning. You need to change your attitude towards many things.

Now is the time to make the right decision to avoid many negative consequences.


A friend who robs you

If you dream that a friend has stolen something from you, it often symbolizes trust and communication problems with this person. You may feel that the friend is not worthy of your trust.

Family who steals from you

Family members should be caring and nurturing, but as we all know, this is not always the case.

You may feel the need for more privacy or feel that the family has let you down in some way. It may be necessary to take steps to establish healthy boundaries.

The stranger who robbed you

Strangers appear in our dreams and can often signify the archetype of the Rebel character, or they may appear as part of ourselves.

You may feel as if you are fooling yourself or feel insecure about your own sense of safety in waking life.

Theft of trash

This may mean that you retain excess emotional baggage and find it difficult to get rid of it.

Dream meaning: Theft

  • To see a theft – you will feel embarrassed by a situation
  • You are robbed – you are going through difficult times
  • You are a thief (stealing) – start something from scratch and believe in yourself
  • Accusation of theft – you will find yourself in an uncomfortable situation
  • Theft of a purse – something may go wrong for you, learn from it
  • Theft of a bicycle – take care of your health and fitness
  • Theft of a suitcase – you will make important decisions about your relationship
  • Theft of gold – don’t flaunt your money
  • Theft of a cell phone (cell phone, smartphone) – avoid misunderstandings, don’t break relationships with loved ones
  • Theft of a camera – you can count on the support of loved ones
  • Theft of shoes – some opportunities pass under your nose
  • Theft of a jacket – be more tolerant
  • Theft of clothes – pay attention to your vocabulary, especially if you are eating in front of others
  • Theft of jewelry – take care of your finances and essentials
  • Theft of alcohol – something unexpected will happen
  • Theft of a car – you will give up your trip
  • Theft of a motorcycle – clear up misunderstandings
  • Theft of a bus – start defending your opinion
  • Theft of ID (documents) – make important decisions
  • Theft of a wallet – see to personal matters
  • Theft of a payment card – renew friendships and contacts with female colleagues
  • Theft of money – don’t make rash decisions
  • Robbery of the apartment (theft in the apartment) – don’t believe everything you hear
  • Theft at home – don’t take risks
  • Theft at work – feel bad about your job
  • To be accused of theft – think about how you behave
  • To accuse someone of theft – you will publicly condemn what is wrong
  • Police during theft – make the right decision

Detailed interpretation of the dream

A dream about being robbed by a thief can be a disturbing experience. What can it really mean?

Dream meaning about theft

When you dream about a robbery, it usually involves breaking and entering a place that you thought was safe and stealing your belongings.


A burglary can make you feel insecure, and dreams of this kind can understandably be very frightening and cause mild anxiety.

If you’ve ever been the victim of a real theft, the same feeling of anxiety you experience later may be present, even if it was just a dream.

Dreams about being robbed can make you worry about your own safety. The good news is that dreams are usually not predictive.

Instead, they are a means for us to process our own feelings about our life experiences.

The need for privacy

When we dream that we have been robbed, it can mean that we have no privacy in our lives.

Think about your current life situation. Do you know someone who is always asking lots of nosy and curious questions? Do you feel like other people are eavesdropping on your conversations?

Sometimes this dream can come true if you live near neighbors who are very noisy or disruptive. You may want more space or a place that is not exposed to the hustle and bustle.

A sense of safety and security

Safety is a basic need for our survival. As humans, we protect ourselves and the environment around us.


Think about your current lifestyle: do you lock the doors of your home? Do you lock the doors of your car? Do you protect your belongings from others?

Trust issues

Being robbed in a dream can mean that you find it difficult to trust others. You may be dealing with your own insecurities in your relationship with a partner or family member.

Being sensitive to others is not easy, but it is often a necessary step in connecting with someone on a deeper level to build a healthy relationship. If you feel insecure when meeting new people, the dream may be a symbol reminding you that it’s okay to trust others once in a while and to open up to someone else’s problems.

Sometimes this symbol can appear in a dream when you experience a situation where you feel cheated or taken advantage of.

Questions to interpret the dream

Here are some problems to think about when analyzing the dream:

  • Have you recently paid too much for an item that did not meet your expectations or broke?
  • Did someone else take credit for a project in which you did most of the work?
  • Has someone close to you recently lied to you?
  • Have you recently opened up and been hurt?

Paying attention to other people and symbols in your dream can help you understand where the problem lies. Dreambooks note that there are many ways to interpret a dream, and it’s important to pay careful attention to other people, actions, surroundings, and details.

Where did the robbery occur?

Robberies can happen anywhere, thus pay attention to your surroundings. Was it your place of work?

Your home or apartment? A place where you no longer live? Your car or a sidewalk in the city? Being robbed at a company is almost always associated with some aspect of your current career or job while being robbed at home could be a symbol of your current feelings.


Dreaming about a place where you no longer live helps you release past feelings of being cheated on or taken advantage of, and can also help you deal with the trauma of when your trust in another person was broken.

Mystic Dreambook – dream meaning of theft

  • In general, this symbol can mean that you pay too little attention to what is happening in your environment, and this can cause some kind of loss, not only to you but also to people in your environment.
  • When you see a theft in your dream, it is a sign that you will manage to obtain a large sum of money fast and effortlessly.
  • If you dream that you have been robbed, it means that you will soon find a valuable item.
  • Discovering a theft means that you will find something that you lost some time ago.
  • If in your dream you were accused of theft, it is a sign that all your affairs will go exactly your way, thus you do not have to worry about anything.
  • If in a dream you accuse someone of theft, it is a signal from your subconscious that in real life you tend to make rash and therefore unfair opinions about other people, with which you can seriously hurt them.
  • When you dream that you are a witness of theft, it heralds some kind of setback for you.
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