Dream about a priest

A dream about a priest usually happens to those who are looking for some support in waking life or are experiencing some spiritual dilemmas.

Perhaps you are looking for help because you have some problem that you can’t solve on your own. A dream about a priest can also symbolize guilt.


Dreambook Priest

A priest in a cassock

Significantly the dream can be read as an accusation of negligence and disobedience. Consider what in your life should be changed or corrected.

Negligence or disregard for people or things can significantly affect your daily life.

Priest without a cassock

Such a dream is usually associated with grief, pain, and sadness. In this case, the dream may suggest the need to eliminate and break with situations that cause negative emotions.

It is also worth paying attention to thoughts and intentions. If you are in the habit of creating negative images about what is happening to you and people, then the dream admonishes you to stop looking at the world in this way. Nothing is one color.

Priest in a communion

The meaning of the dream symbolizes peace and joy. The white robe is also a symbol of purity. This dream represents the good times to come.

Priest in chasuble (celebrates mass).


The dream means that you need peace of mind. You have a sense of irritation, discomfort, fear, stress, anxiety, worry, and indignation.

Dreambook advises you to relax, unwind, and get away from daily activities at least for a few days. You might want to meet up with friends or go away with your family.

A parish priest

Dreambook explains that a dream about a parish priest is a good sign. It can foretell a positive settlement of some important matter. It can also foretell forgiveness.

Thus, if you have something on your conscience that does not give you peace of mind, it is worth clarifying it to the end.

Smiling priest

A dream about a smiling priest signifies a period of peace and serenity, freedom from hardships and worries. If you are experiencing some difficult moments the dream means that they are just coming to an end.

You will finally rest and start living a peaceful life.

Seeing a priest in a dream can also be a call for a spiritual awakening.

Old priest

The dream reminds you of the principles you should follow in life. Perhaps you have deviated from them? It also admonishes you to seek wisdom and grow, including in the spiritual sphere.


Deceased priest

A dream about a deceased priest means that you feel that you should not be judged by others for something you committed in the past. You would like to get rid of the feeling of guilt.

A dream about a dead priest reveals your need to escape from situations that cause you to harm. It means that you may be experiencing sorrows and disappointments.

It is time for you to take the reins of your life and start a new phase. You need to decide what you want and then do everything to achieve it and be happy. Reject whatever is holding you back or harming you.

Priest at home

A dream about a priest in the house can mean some family problem that needs to be solved as fast as possible. Other dream meanings can be read as a need for more faith, a symbol of birth, or good news.

Priest in church

This dream shows your quest to find a way to live. Perhaps you feel that everything has lost its meaning and what you liked in the past no longer has meaning or sense for you today.

Maybe you are falling into pessimism or even depression. Dreambook thus exhorts you to seek your path as fast as possible and pursue fulfillment and happiness.

Talking to a priest

The dream foretells the search for a way out of some difficult situation. Perhaps it is a personal problem, or perhaps a mental problem. Maybe you need support or good advice? You will receive it from a trusted person.

Priest gives communion

The dream means that you are in control of the situation at home. You may have to put even more effort to achieve or maintain what you care about, but you are able to do it. Other dream meanings can be read as conflicts of values, internal dilemmas, and difficult choices between the material and the spiritual.


Priest in the confessional (confession).

A dream about a priest who gives absolution is a sign of his need to trust someone, perhaps as a result of an act you committed, which you can not reveal to anyone.

You need someone to give you comfort and support, relieving you of the burden you are carrying.

It may be helpful to talk to someone you trust.

Dreambook also advises: Don’t dwell on the past, learn from it and move on. The dream means that it is time for a new stage of life.

Priest in the pulpit

A dream about a priest who delivers a sermon is a metaphor for your conscience. The words and content of the sermon are important. They should reveal the truth, keep your spirits up in difficult times, and even help you with the choices you make.

Blessing of a priest

According to the Dreambook, a dream about a priest who blesses others symbolizes the need for spiritual protection, but also support in difficult moments of life. The dream also encourages one to continue on the path taken.

Priest performing a wedding (sacrament of marriage).

A dream about a priest administering the sacrament of marriage is a symbol of a significant relationship. It can also indicate a decision that can no longer be changed.


Last anointing

If you dreamed about a priest who gives the last anointing, the dream signifies the end of something, some stage of life, experience, or relationship. It is something that has plenty of meaning for you, it is, however, inevitable.

It could also be something you are giving up or cutting yourself off from.

Priest after a carol service

The dream signifies changes in your professional or private life. You can expect a promotion, a raise, or a new, more favorable job offer. It is worth taking advantage of such an opportunity.

Changes in family life mean, for example, the birth of a child.

To kiss a priest

The dream warns against breaking the rules. Perhaps you are looking for intimacy and spiritual support, maybe you want to achieve something at all costs. Dreambook warns not to come into conflict with the law or break moral principles.

Romance with a priest

The dream is a symbol of inappropriate behavior, it may be a warning against ill-considered decisions. It is also, according to Dreambook, a signal that you may meet insincere, hypocritical people. Be especially careful with newly met people.

Dream meaning: priest

  • Priest in a cassock – do not neglect people and do not take things lightly
  • Priest without a cassock – cut yourself off from bad emotions
  • Priest in a surplice – peace, and joy will come
  • Priest in chasuble (celebrates Mass) – you need peace and relaxation
  • A parish priest – you will manage to settle an important matter
  • Smiling priest – a period of peace and serenity is approaching
  • Old priest – don’t forget the principles you should follow
  • Dead priest – decide what you want and do everything to achieve it
  • Priest at home – family problem must be solved as fast as possible
  • Priest in church – look for your path in life and strive for fulfillment and happiness
  • Talking to a priest – you are looking for a way out of a difficult situation
  • Priest gives communion – you are experiencing dilemmas, conflict of values
  • Priest in the confessional (confession) – you need someone to give you comfort and support
  • Priest in the pulpit – listen to the voice of conscience
  • Priest’s blessing – you need spiritual protection and support
  • Priest performing a wedding (sacrament of marriage) – you have an important decision ahead of you
  • Last anointing – it’s time to end something
  • Priest after a carol service – there will be changes in your life
  • To kiss a priest – don’t break the rules
  • Romance with a priest – do not make a rash decision

Priest – Dreambook of mysticism

In general, this symbol may be a signal from your subconscious not to neglect your daily affairs in favor of spiritual matters, because they are all equally important.

  • If you see a priest in your dream, it foreshadows the prosperity that awaits you. However, it may also foretell that you will soon receive some sad news, but in the end, everything will end well.
  • If you see a priest conducting a mass, it means that some unspecified worries await you.
  • A priest delivering a sermon from the pulpit heralds the illness of someone in your immediate family.
  • If in a dream you confess to a priest, it is a sign that in waking life you will experience solace.
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