A dream about a pig

A dream about a pig

A dream about a pig

You had a dream about a pig and you do not know how to interpret it? This article will help you find the correct and most accurate interpretation.

A pig may appear in your dream in many contexts- you may be watching it from a safe distance, be stroking it, feeding, you may be scared of it, be attacked by it, be among pigs or even…be a pig yourself. Also, you may find pork on your plate.


How to interpret a dream about a pig?

A pig is traditionally believed to be the symbol of sloppiness, greed, laziness, and it means the same in our dreams. It may symbolize the dreamer’s disadvantages, as well as somebody else’s.

A sow is the epitome of a mother in her worst incarnation, while a boar – the symbol of a brutal intercourse. In women’s dreams it may symbolize a father in hidden, infantile aspirations to the incest (sexual intercourse).

Think about the emotions which the pig or pigs arouse – whether you were scared, or quite the opposite – positively disposed. Were you alone, or in company? Or maybe somebody from your close surrounding turned into a pig? Finding answers to those all questions will help you make an accurate interpretation of a dream about a pig.

According to folk interpretation, a dream about a pig portends family problems, but also the chance of succeeding at work or in business. However, this dream has rather a negative overtone, as it may portend that even if the dreamer achieves a financial success, it will be wasted by his heirs.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a pig

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