A dream about a crocodile

A dream about a crocodile

A dream about a crocodile

Do you happen to have a dream about a crocodile? Probably, it is the time to change your attitude towards reality and take a closer look at the people surrounding you! If a dream about a crocodile appears more often, have a deeper think about its interpretation, as it may mean something important to you and your perception.

Today, we advise what to pay attention to while interpreting a dream about crocodiles. Remind yourself what you felt seeing this beast and what its attitude to you was, and you will draw the correct conclusions based on our tips.


How to interpret a dream about a crocodile?

A crocodile is the guardian of the gate to the underground world, which is the unconsciousness in dreams. The ancient Egyptians associated crocodiles with the souls of dead people. In a dream, a crocodile may symbolize a guardian of every kind of a threshold, e.g, the emotional or psychological barrier.

To be swallowed by a crocodile, a whale or any kind of a big water creature – means to be taken into the underground world, which is the world of unconsciousness. Dreams with such a symbolism may be related to the spiritual introduction or the need to enter the unconsciousness.

It is also believed, that dreams about crocodiles happen to people who have an inappropriate attitude to reality, which they should change immediately, especially when the crocodile in the dream is aggressive and is trying to attack them. Also, a crocodile symbolize the ruthless world or… bad neighbors, who may be trying to make the dreamer’s life difficult, often successfully.

In myths, a crocodile swallows the moon and then sheds insincere tears, so a crocodile may symbolize hypocrisy and insincerity.

As a crocodile lives in water or mud, he is also the symbol of fertility (the life-giving waters of Mother goddess), but also of the flora and vegetable soul of a human.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a crocodile

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