A dream about a cat

A dream about a cat

The cat is an animal that symbolizes agility and cleverness. The cat represents the most hidden passions and emotions. This type of dream can be associated with an economic situation or love.

The dream about a cat can be a call to use these qualities in certain situations.


Dreambook Cat

To play with a cat

The dream signifies success and prosperity in your professional life.

You will use such qualities as cleverness, intuition, courage, and flexibility. Thanks to them, you will be able to invest well or choose the most favorable job or cooperation offers.

To pet a cat

If you dream of petting a cat, it may mean you will receive plenty of money.

In love, it may suggest that you feel a deep affection for someone.

Scratching cat

The dream warns you that someone is trying to take advantage of you but is doing it skillfully. You can’t immediately figure out what their intentions are.

Perhaps someone takes too much interest in your life or work, or perhaps showering you with compliments?


Cat attacks (cat bites)

Be prepared for a confrontation. You will have to fight a verbal battle with someone. Control your emotions and support your point with concrete arguments.

The dream is a reflection of your social relations. You may be surrounded by toxic people who want to hurt, cheat or betray you, and you should be very careful.

It’s time for you to dare to expose certain people and distance yourself from them, as they are unnecessary in your life.

To feed a cat

The dream is a symbol of infidelity. It can also warn you of enemies you don’t even know you have.

You will discover betrayals and the truth about some irregularities, lies, and combinations.

The cat is watching you

If this scene fills you with bad feelings, scares you, or overwhelms you, it can be interpreted as a sign that someone in your life is overwhelming you and not allowing you to be yourself or do what you want.

If the cat in this dream makes you feel good, it means that you feel safe and protected.

Cat falls out of the window

The dream means that you need to take care of the people around you.


Perhaps you have neglected your relationship with someone close to you, such as a friend or partner, you are distancing yourself from that person, and so it is finally time to give them the more attention they deserve. Your subconscious warns you that you may need to take the first step to rectify the situation.

To lose a cat (cat escapes)

The meaning of the dream is interpreted as problems with work. It can also mean theft or economic fraud.

The dream symbolizes that you are uncertain in a moment of life, have low self-esteem, and are overwhelmed by doubt. You need to regain control of your life as fast as possible. This is the only way you can regain your independence again.

Sick Cat

You may be going through an essential moment in your life where freedom and independence are limited.

You may feel insecure, have low self-esteem, and not feel happy. Maybe you feel like you’ve grown tired of fighting for what you love most.

Your subconscious is telling you that it’s time to change your situation. Start taking action!

To kill a cat

Maybe you had this dream because in waking life, you lack trust in someone, or maybe you are afraid of someone, worried that they will betray or hurt you?

As a rule, the cat you kill in your dream represents someone trying to betray you, whether it’s your family, friends, or partner. This dream is an invitation to stop this toxic relationship immediately.


It can also warn of a lack of independence, autonomy, or freedom.

Dead cat

The dream reveals that you are not going through a good time in your life, and your independence is threatened – you may even be very dependent on someone, such as your partner.

Dreambook explains that a time of renewal, change, and rebirth is coming. You can start many things anew.

Kittens (small cats).

Such a dream should fill you with joy. The dream’s meaning can be read as the need for affection, support, and closeness.

You could dream about kittens after a bad period in which you distanced yourself from your loved ones (partner, friends, or family) and need the affection they gave you before.

But you may also have this dream to reflect on how you relate to the people around you, whether you feel loved or not.

The dream means that you are on a new stage of life that will bring you plenty of happiness and through which you can achieve certain goals. You will feel plenty of inner peace.

If you dream in waking life of starting a family, the dream suggests that you are in a very good time to become a parent. If you have no such desire, the dream may mean that you neglect your loved ones when they need it.


A large cat

Size in dreams sometimes has a meaning, so when you dream about a giant cat, you should be careful because it could be a dream that speaks of excesses in a relationship.

Maybe your affection is unrequited, or you are giving your partner too much freedom? What you need is balance.

Plenty of cats

You feel powerful and energetic, protected from bad thoughts, toxic people, and situations that may threaten your emotional stability. Another dream meaning suggests that prosperity, success, and money await you.

Cat and mouse (cat caught a mouse)

A dream about a cat chasing a mouse reflects a desire for independence and toxic relationships that limit you.

You should be vigilant and pay attention to your relationship. If you feel more identified with the cat, you are the one who scares the helpless mouse. And if it is the other way around, it will mean that you are very dependent on your partner. In any case, this dream indicates that you are in a relationship that does not suit you.

Cat and snake

If you had negative feelings in your dream, it probably means that there is a problem or a person who is destroying your freedom, your ability to decide.

Think about who it is. If you have positive feelings during the dream, it means that you are starting to get out of a negative situation and that you are finally starting to value yourself more.

Cat and dog

If the dog and cat in your dream are fighting with each other, the dream speaks of internal conflicts. Still, it is also possible that some person is not as loyal or as honest as you thought.


If the dog and cat get along or play together, you are surrounded by people who love you, are loyal to you, and allow you to be yourself no matter what.

To be a cat

A dream about a cat speaks of independence: maybe you need to be a little more independent and make your own decisions no matter what others think.

The dream means that it’s time to take care of yourself and take control of your life.

Colors of cats

Ginger cat

A dream about a red cat can mean that your erotic needs have not been satisfied.

It may involve different behaviors, seeking romantic adventures, or experimenting in a relationship.

Black cat

The dream’s message speaks of the unknown, those areas of your life that you have not yet dared to explore.

It’s time to put aside insecurities and fear of criticism from others, so you can make your own decisions and be a little more adventurous.

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Gray cat

The dream symbolizes feelings of stability, calmness, discretion, elegance, and professionalism.

Dreambook informs that you are very close to getting the desired emotional stability that you so much desire.

The color gray also signifies responsibility. Thus you may be very committed to your work, standing on the side of independence and freedom.

White cat

The color white in dreams symbolizes purity, authenticity, balance, peace, and well-being.

It is a sign that you must start living according to these premises to get the stability you need.

Colorful cat

If you dream about a colorful cat, that is, in colors that are unusual for cats, such as blue, green, or red, the dream is a harbinger of joy. You will wake up wanting to start enjoying life as you have always wanted.

The dream is a sign that you are eliminating everything that hurts you and that you are staying away from toxic people you may have around you.

If you have this dream in moments of crisis, your subconscious informs you that it is time to wake up and face adversity with more strength than ever.


Dream meaning: cat

  • To play with a cat – success at work awaits you
  • To pet a cat – you will receive plenty of good fortune
  • Scratching cat – someone is trying to take advantage of you
  • Cat attacks (cat bites) – you will have to fight a verbal battle with someone
  • To feed a cat – you will discover betrayals and irregularities
  • A cat watches you – someone won’t let you be yourself or do what you want to do
  • The cat falls out of the window – you will have to deal with people
  • To lose a cat (cat escape) – you need to regain control of your life as fast as possible
  • Sick cat – it’s time to change your situation
  • To kill a cat – end a toxic relationship as fast as possible
  • Dead cat – it is time for renewal, change, and rebirth in your life
  • Kittens (small cats) – you need affection and support. Do not neglect loved ones
  • Big cat – take a closer look at your relationship
  • Plenty of cats – prosperity, success, and money await you
  • A cat and a mouse (a cat caught a mouse) – you want freedom and good relationships in a relationship
  • Cat and snake – someone is restricting your freedom
  • Cat and dog – pay attention to the people around you
  • To be a cat – you need to be more independent and make your own decisions no matter what others think
  • Ginger cat – your erotic needs are not satisfied
  • Black cat – make your own decisions and be more courageous
  • Gray cat – you are very close to getting the desired emotional stability you so desire
  • White cat – be honest and authentic, and you will get stability in life
  • Colorful cat – it’s time to wake up and face adversity

Detailed interpretation of a dream about a cat

Cats in a dream can play many roles, positive and negative, nice and mean. The interpretation of a dream about a cat will depend on your opinions about cats and your experiences with these animals.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

How do you describe a cat? Think of 5 words. Some people describe cats as sweet and lovable, others may find them annoying, and allergy sufferers may find them a health hazard.

Think of the cat from your dream – how would you describe its personality? Is it like someone you know?

What experiences do you have with cats? Your personal experiences will greatly impact the meaning of the dream.

  • Do you have a cat or cats? Have you ever owned a cat?
  • What experiences have you had with cats in your life? What words do you use to describe these experiences?

The color and breed of the cat also have a meaning. Check the meaning of colors in your dream and analyze the typical characteristics of a cat of a certain breed.

The symbolism of dreams about cats


Dreaming about an abused or neglected kitten may symbolize abuse or neglect you may have experienced. It can also symbolize your need to care for something or someone or be in a codependent relationship.


Cats are very independent animals. A dream about a cat may symbolize your own need for independence.



Cats are popular pets and symbolize a need for affection or companionship.


Cats are often seen in dreams as a symbol of womanhood. Ask yourself if this cat reminds you of someone in your waking life.


Cats are said to have “nine lives” and can be a symbol of survival for some. If you have gone through a particularly hard time in your life, a dream about a cat may symbolize a second chance or surviving difficult times.


A dream about kittens may suggest that some part of your life needs nurturing or care. It may also be helpful to look at the meaning of the child in the dream.

Hissing / scratching/biting/attacking

A dream about a cat attacking, scratching, hissing, or biting often means that someone in your life is destroying you and has a destructive influence on you.

Cats with other animals

If you dream about cats with other animals, it may be helpful to check the meaning of the symbol of these animals.

When this symbol appears in your dream, it can warn you about the falsity and deceitfulness of unkind people or signal that you should listen to the promptings of your intuition more often, as this can only turn out for the best.

Cat – mystical dreambook

  • If you see a cat in your dream, you have false friends or acquaintances next to you, or you face great emotional disappointment.
  • If you were scratched or bitten by a cat, it is a signal that in waking life, you have dangerous enemies who can significantly harm you if you are not on guard.
  • An attacking cat means you will do something that disappoints your friend.
  • When you dream that you are chasing away a cat, it is a sign that you will be able to overcome the obstacles piled up in front of you and get what you have long wanted for yourself.
  • Petting a cat is a sign that in waking life you show kindness and kindness to someone who completely does not deserve it.
  • A cuddly cat means that in real life, someone is paying you false compliments to deceive you and take advantage of you somehow.
  • If you see a cat with cubs in your dream, it is a sign that you have trouble with some children.
  • If you see a cat’s fur, it means you will manage to find something you previously lost.
  • A black cat foreshadows some unfavorable and unpleasant events for you.
  • Hearing a meowing cat in your dream is a sign that you will unwittingly get involved in some intrigue.
  • An emaciated, neglected cat is a harbinger of unpleasant news you are about to receive.
  • Killing a cat means that you will succeed in preventing the targeted actions of your enemies.

A dream about a cat



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