A dream about rain

A dream about a rain

A dream about a rain

Sometimes it happens that it is raining in our dream. It may suddenly happen – we are walking, the weather is beautiful, when suddenly, it starts to rain.

It may be a drizzle or a violent storm; the whole plot may be based on the searching for a shelter from the rain, however, it rarely happens that our dream concern rain itself – it is usually only a background for the events which creates atmosphere.


How to interpret a dream about rain?

Often, a dream about rain symbolize tears and carries the emotional charge. It may symbolize various emotions, depending on the strength of it. It is worth thinking what our reaction to it was, whether it was going to rain or it surprised us, whether we felt relieved or angry. Rain in our dream may be ambiguous – it may mean sorrow, but, on the other hand – when it appears in the time of drought – it brings purification.

Dreams about a violent storm carries two messages – firstly, they may express our fight with unexpressed, suppressed feelings and emotions, secondly – what we should remember – even after the most violent storm there is a golden sky, the atmosphere is purified, we feel a relief. Maybe we need such a storm in our life to discharge negative emotions and to distance ourselves from life?

How would Freud interpret a dream about rain?

The visions of water in dreams were for Freud a proof of the return to the period of feotal life and the birth, as well as to the early childhood. They could also, if the water was dangerous, indicate the anxiety about sexual contacts, and suppressing the thoughts about wetting the bed.

How would Jung interpret a dream about rain?

Jung believed the water to be connected with the feminine energy and everything what is unaware. Water containers, especially those extensive like a sea or an ocean, in his interpretation are the symbols of the collective unconsciousness. Men who are afraid of water in real life may also subconsciously feel the fear of women or their emotional side.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about rain

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