A dream about a spider

A dream about a spider

A dream about a spider

Did you have a dream about a spider and you do not know what it means? A spider is a popular dream symbol, which has a lot of various meanings.

There are a lot of versions of a dream about a spider – we may see it, kill it, be attacked or bitten by it, we may see one, but also a lot of spiders at once, be scared of it or feel…sympathy for it. How to interpret a dream about a spider and what does it mean? We advise below.


How to interpret a dream about a spider?

A spider symbolizes the two aspects of Mother Goddess – the creator of the fate and the destroyer. A spider weaves the web of time and destiny, which catches other insects. A spiderweb may also symbolize delusion.

A spider is also assigned the destructive aspects of the Mother Goddess, as his web is used to kill. A spider uses his creative skills to weave the fate, which ties the alive and, eventually, s their life. It is the cycle of birth, life and death. A spider in a dream may symbolize the phase of the cycle, depending on whether it weaves, catches or kills.

A spider in a dream may also be the symbol of overly-attached mother, who preserves her children from getting out of her control and power. It is an often appearing dream motif.

The emotional relationship between mother and daughter is more complicated than between mother and son. A child develops his first emotional ties with his mother, who is the feeder and caregiver, in the next phase sexual claims towards the parent of the opposite gender appear, and the aversion towards the other parent connected with it. At this stage, which may last even the whole puberty, the boy’s feelings towards his father are less complicated that the girl’s feelings towards her mother; boys often do not like their fathers and are scared of them, although they sometimes admire them, while girls still feel the primitive, strong emotional ties with their mothers. In the normal process of puberty, the next stage is the resignation of the infantile sexism and the beginning of treating parents like like role models, confidants and companions.

Obviously, it is an ideal scheme, which rarely happens in practical life, and this is the source of problems, because we accept the wrong emotional pattern and repeat it all our life.

Regardless of the real attitude towards mother in real life, the memory of her besetting love lasts in the unconsciousness of almost every human, and that is why dreams about spiders appear. Getting caught in a spiderweb symbolizes family home, which is hard to leave.


Little spiders, a gossamer and a beautiful weather – these belong to positive dreams, which appear to amuse us.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a spider

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