A dream about a hospital

A dream about a hospital

A dream about a hospital

Hospital is a place which none of us associate positively. It makes us think about diseases, illnesses, injuries… Also a dream in which we are in hospital is not pleasant.

In a typical version of this dream, we do not know why actually we are there, but we hear the monitors beeping, smell the odor of antiseptic agents, we are being examined by doctors, and nurses are walking around. The experience is not pleasant, especially if our dream disease is serious.


We may be also visiting somebody familiar in the hospital, looking for somebody, or get there after an accident… There are a lot of versions of this dream, and we advise below how to interpret it.

How to interpret a dream about a hospital?

The hospital appearing in our dream may be variously interpreted. On one hand, it is the symbol of groundbreaking moments which have already started in our life, or which are coming up and we can subconsciously feel it. It can be also a positively marked place when a birth is taking place there. It is also associated with treatment and recovery – in the symbolic sphere, it may be the spiritual recovery needed by our subconsciousness.

The hospital appearing in our dream may also be interpreted as the symbol of physical health – if we are dreaming about being in hospital, maybe we subconsciously intuit a disease – concerning us or our relatives.

A dream about a hospital may be also the memory of childish, partially erotic plays – it is a dream with intimate implications. It may be also the expression of physical fatigue, longing for rest, for somebody’s care. However, a dream about a specific illness may be a form of punishment given by our subconsciousness for some misconduct.

The folk interpretation is similar to the one above. According to it, a dream about a hospital means that the dreamer has been overwhelmed by his duties and it is advised to ask somebody for help.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a hospital

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