A dream about a renovation foretells big changes in your life. However, the interpretation of the dream depends on your situation in waking life. Perhaps you are facing a complete lifestyle change, or maybe you will change your partner, habits, and routine, or give up addictions.

Dreambook renovation

Home renovation

A dream about a house renovation is a harbinger of steady and satisfying progress. You will finally stop going around in circles.


You will be entrusted with some task in the family. It will make you aware of something important.

Home renovation can also indicate important life decisions, such as getting married.

Renovation of an old house

Dreambook explains that you draw from past experiences and apply them to your current situation. You feel a strong bond with your family. You have support in it. Remember that good assets come to those on whom you wait for them.

Room renovation

The meaning of the dream can be translated as concern about the future. Don’t get carried away by your emotions. Set new goals and stick to your plan. Take care of your needs and do something for yourself.

Dreambook also indicates that you should finish things you have started, and clarify something you have been putting off. Maybe something in your life needs “refreshing”, such as friendships.

Bedroom renovation

Dreambook recommends rest. It is necessary to find time for yourself and change your lifestyle.


Another dream meaning may suggest the need to devote more time to your partner.

Kitchen renovation

The dream suggests that you should devote more time to your family. Perhaps someone needs your support. Pay more attention to the problems of your loved ones, do not ignore them.

Bathroom renovation

Dreambook indicates that you have something on your conscience. You feel the burden of some act or words. The simplest solution to this situation is to explain everything face to face. If you can not do this, talk to a close person and clear your conscience.

Renovation at work

The dream may foretell changes at work that you fear. It could be a downsizing, but also a promotion. Instead of worrying about it, do your job and talk to your boss so you can prepare in advance for new challenges. Changes, no matter what they may be, will be beneficial to you.

Unsuccessful renovation

The dream signifies your helplessness, disappointed hopes, and ambitions. You do not know how to deal with a situation. You need professional support, do not avoid it.

According to Dreambook, the dream can also depict your fear of change. It can also signal that you pay too much attention to other people. It’s time to take care of yourself first and foremost.

Dream meaning: renovation

  • Renovation of the house – before you important life decisions
  • Renovation of an old house – you feel a strong bond with your family
  • Renovation of a room – do something for yourself and finish the things you started
  • Bedroom renovation – change your lifestyle, relax
  • Kitchen renovation – spend more time with your family
  • Bathroom renovation – clear your conscience
  • Renovation at work – get ready for changes at work
  • Unsuccessful renovation – you need professional support, do not be afraid of change

Dreambook mystic – renovation

In general, this symbol foretells some kind of loss for you.

  • If the renovation of your house appears in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious to finally decide to make some serious change in your life.
  • When you see a renovation at someone’s home, it foretells that someone will soon make you happy in some way.

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