A dream about an unicorn

A dream about an unicorn

A dream about an unicorn

An unicorn is a mythical animal which is associated with purity, wisdom and the highest intelligence, as well as the elevated sexuality and innocence. The legend about it was created in India, but it was also accepted in Europe.

The story told that it was extremely hard to spot it, not to mention – to catch it. To do the second thing, the presence of a virgin was required, as unicorns were believed to respect them and in the symbol of their respect, they humbly put their heads on the knees of a virgin, what made them defenseless. The love of purity caused unicorns to be associated with everything which is the most noble.


How to interpret a dream about an unicorn?

If we happen to see unicorns in our dreams, it may indicate that we have been going to deeply in the world of our fantasy, eclipsing our real life. Maybe we are trying to catch something which is impossible to catch, we devote ourselves to our dreams which veil the world. We can not avoid the confrontation with the world, we also have to accept our desires which are the part of us.

It is said that dreams about unicorns, considering the unusual expression of these animals, are the heralds of the upcoming happiness.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about an unicorn

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