Driving a car

Driving a car

A dream about driving a car

A dream about driving a car is quite common and hints at which path in your life is best.

The vehicle you drive symbolizes your life, and how you drive symbolizes your actions.


Dreambook driving a car.

You see someone driving a car.

The dream shows that you want to, but you do not control the situation in your life. You succumb to the pressure of others, which harms you.

The dream may also indicate that you feel in power, but you are being manipulated in some way. It’s time to take control of your own life.

You are the driver

The dream indicates that you have enough energy and independence to manage your life properly. You are not easily influenced by other people or circumstances.

Thus, you can make the right decisions and know exactly what you need. You have control over your impulses. Decide which path you want to take.

Consider how your life is going. Evaluate how you behave in different situations and how it affects you. Your physical, mental, and emotional health depend on wise and informed choices.

Avoid situations and people that may fuel any conflicts.


The dream meaning also reveals that you want to be in control of everything. The dream represents your life and how you deal with problems.

A dream in which you are driving a car means that you will assume great responsibility in the next few days. Still, also, new opportunities and new goals will arise.

The dreambook also hints that you need to be careful with your decisions because your attitude towards new responsibilities will determine your future.

You are a passenger (you are driving as a passenger)

If someone else is driving the car, it may mean that you will unexpectedly win money. It can also mean that you are avoiding responsibility for your decisions and you are not in charge of your own life.

You are driving someone else’s car

A dream about driving someone else’s car is associated with making decisions for others. You are constantly thinking about the lives of others.

The problem stems from low self-esteem. It means that you want to control the lives of others in order to feel useful.

When you drive someone’s car in your dream, it can also mean that your power increases and you feel important.

You are driving a car without a license.

A dream that you are driving a car without knowing how to do it is a sign of a lack of control in your life. Your actions may require more planning and caution.


This dream indicates that you should think twice before making a decision.

You are driving at night

If you dream that you are driving at night, it means that you have doubts about the path you are treading in life. You are not confident or enthusiastic about the decisions you are making.

Many obstacles appear before you, and you may fear for the future. You prefer to go ahead and not deal with your surroundings. You need to define your goals.

You are driving drunk

Dreaming that you are driving under the influence of alcohol indicates a lack of control over some situations in your professional life. If you are in a management position, take a closer look at your employees’ work.

Driving backward

The dream signifies a change, a striving for the ideal. It may also suggest the need to return to some place or situation to reconsider it in order to solve a certain problem. It can also mean regression – in your career, situation, or behavior.

Driving without brakes

The dreambook explains such a dream as a sign that you have no control over your life or that you are moving blindly ahead. Be careful because such driving usually ends badly.

If you have a problem with any addiction, it may suggest that you are losing yourself to it more and more. It’s time to stop and think about the situation.

Driving without headlights

The dream may suggest getting lost or wandering. Consider whether you are experiencing some difficulty and can’t find a way out of it. It is necessary to stop and take a look at things in full light.


It is worth taking the help of a trusted person.

Driving through the snow

The meaning of the dream symbolizes temporary difficulties. If you are experiencing some difficult situation and it seems that you can not overcome it – the dream is a consolation. Everything will be fine. You just need to put a little more effort into your own actions.

Driving on ice

The dream may express your helplessness or loss of control over the situation. Some crises may occur in your life. Take a look at your affairs and try to prevent a troublesome situation.

Driving on water

The dreambook suggests that the dream may signal change or the need to cleanse yourself – perhaps to clarify a situation or make amends. It can also mean something new that will positively affect your life and significantly change it.

Driving on a dirt road

You will encounter serious obstacles in your life, and you need to remain calm when they arise. Dreaming about a dirt road also means that you may have problems in your relationship and experience betrayal in love or friendship.

Driving down the stairs

The dream may mean you are doing something breakneck, taking many risks. Another meaning of the dream may be about your approach to the matter, trying at all costs and getting there fast. How will the driving end?

Take a safer route. You will undoubtedly suffer some of its consequences. It is impossible to get out of such incidents unscathed, so you’d better rethink your actions and not take any risks.

You are driving against the flow of traffic (contrary to regulations)

Dreaming that you are driving erratically indicates that you don’t know how to make the right decisions.


The car represents real life in dreams, so if you are driving against traffic flow, the dream means you are on the wrong road, trying to achieve something by force, or maybe you are just lost.

It’s worth stopping for a moment and thinking about what you’re aiming for – and taking a new path.

You are driving recklessly.

A dream about driving dangerously, especially at an obstacle rally, indicates persistent anxiety and nervousness. You will definitely get what you want, but some barriers will appear in front of you. Calm down and and patiently move toward your goals.

Fast driving

Dreams in which you drive fast indicate that you want to break free from social norms and have some space for yourself.
The dream meaning also suggests your desire to overcome societal pressure and share your point of view with others.

Car accident (road accident)

Be very careful and take care of others. An accident in a dream reflects some kind of conflict. If you do not see any scratches after the accident in your dream, it shows that you will overcome some problems.

If you were not the driver, the dream suggests that you need to take more responsibility for what you do in your life. Take control of everything and avoid blaming others or delegating your own obligations to them.

If you were involved in a serious accident in your dream, it indicates that you should change your way of life. Consider how your relationships are developing.

If you saw an accident of someone you know, the dream’s meaning symbolizes a lack of trust in that person. Try to think about where such feelings come from within you.


A dream about being involved in a car accident indicates the need to analyze your own behavior. You need to look at how you live and change your negative habits.

Above all, control your impulsiveness, as this can lead to bad events in the future.

Crashed car

This type of dream indicates the need to change the way you handle certain situations. You need outside help to look at certain things correctly. Try to be more objective and look for different solutions to the situation.

You are a witness to a car accident.

The dream means that there will be significant changes in your life. It means many positive things for you, such as personal development. Try to be open to new opportunities.

Car malfunction

Dreambook advises: learn from your mistakes. Learn from every incident, even the most difficult one.

Car theft

The dream may mean someone is trying to harm you or expose you to damage. This can happen, for example, through the intrigues of false friends. Stay away from such people. Do not waste your energy and time on what is not worth your effort.

Car driving away

The dream signifies a loss of control over your life. Think before you act, and do not make decisions that may cause problems or regrets.

Other people, while driving

This type of dream refers to financial losses. Avoid overspending, and try to save money. Another dream meaning suggests difficulty in making choices and taking action.


Make use of another person’s opinion to better reflect on the moment you are living.

Driving a truck

Dreaming that you are driving a truck shows that the obligations you are assuming are tough on you. You need to control yourself and make the right decisions without rushing.

Driving a bus

Dreaming about driving a bus is a warning for you not to overdo it. It also signifies that you are trying to control other people’s lives.

Driving a train

This dream can mean that your problems will be solved. Everything you want to achieve will come easily to you without any difficulties.

Driving a motorcycle

The dreambook suggests that you think you need to free yourself from certain places and people, which can be related to your family and professional life. The dream expresses a desire for freedom.

Dream meaning: driving a car

  • You see someone driving a car – you do not control the situation in your life. You succumb to the pressure of others
  • You are the driver – you know well what you need
  • You are a passenger (you drive as a passenger) – you avoid responsibility for the decisions you make. You are not in charge of your own life.
  • You drive someone else’s car – you make decisions for others
  • You are driving without a license – you are not in control of your life
  • You are driving at night – you have doubts about the path you are treading in life
  • You are driving drunk – you have no control over some situations in your professional life
  • Driving backward – you desire or need a return to the past
  • Driving without brakes – you have no control over your life, or you are following blindly ahead of you
  • Driving without lights – stop and take a look at things from a different perspective
  • Driving through the snow – you are experiencing temporary difficulties
  • Driving on ice – you feel helpless or have lost control of the situation
  • Driving on the water – changes are coming that will change your life
  • Driving on a dirt road – you may have relationship problems
  • Driving on stairs – you are risking a lot, trying to reach your destination at all costs
  • Driving against the flow of traffic (against the rules) – you are on the wrong road, trying to achieve something by force
  • You are driving recklessly – barriers will appear in front of you, and you can overcome them only with calmness and patience
  • Driving fast – you feel pressure from others and want to get away from it
  • Car (traffic) accident – take responsibility for what you do
  • Crashed car – be more objective and look for different solutions
  • You are a witness to a car accident – there will be significant changes in your life, be open to new possibilities
  • Car malfunction – learn from your mistakes
  • Car theft – someone is trying to expose you to damage
  • A car driving away – you are losing control over your life
  • Other people while driving – avoid overspending, try to save money
  • Driving a truck – keep control of yourself, make decisions without haste
  • Bus driving – don’t overdo it, don’t control others
  • Driving a train – your problems will be solved
  • Driving a motorcycle – you need freedom
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