A dream about insects

A dream about insects

A dream about insects

Dreams about insects may be pleasant or unpleasant. We may be dreaming about a colorful swarm of butterflies or other fascinating insects, however, our dream is more often disgusting.

Here in our house appear cockroaches, we are attacked by ants on our picnic, or, in the more extremal version of the dream, we are being chased by a swarm of bees or attacked by giant spiders… Also insects may grow to an enormous size or be constantly multiplying… Waking up, we feel disgust, but also happiness that what we saw was just a bad dream.


How to interpret a dream about insects?

It is believed that insects in our dreams symbolize specific qualities of character and our unaware desires. It is worth wondering what emotions the insects aroused, what quality of our character they may symbolize, and whether they were aggressive to us, or we just watched them from distance. How intensive was the insect invasion? Were they importunate, or they easily gave up? A very importunate insect may symbolize the problem which has been bothering us for a long time and we do not know how to solve it.

It is also worth remembering that insects have the individual for every person meaning. Bee-keepers and etymologists are fascinated by them and they have devoted their lives to insects, while people who are scared of insects would like never to meet them again, especially in dreams, which should be a form of relaxation and escape from reality. Let’s think what qualities the insect represents and what person from our life could it be related to. Remember that bees and ants are the symbols of diligence, the social insects which work for common good, cockroaches, although associated with dirt, have the ability to survive in the most extremal conditions, butterflies are the airy insects, which go through a long metamorphosis in their life – from a caterpillar, though chrysalis, to the mature insect, while spiders, on one hand, symbolize wisdom, and on the other, struggling for survival, they eat other insects, which fall into their webs.

How would Freud interpret a dream about insects?

For Freud, dreams about being attacked by insects were the symptoms of pregnancy. He also believed spiders to be the symbols of an importunate, overprotective mother.

How would Jung interpret a dream about insects?

For Jung, dreams about wild, stray animals had mythical, cultural symbolic. In his opinion, animals were the archetypes of shade and unconscious mind. The more dangerous for life is meeting it in a dream, the more we separate from our instincts and intuition in real life.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about insects

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