A dream about a raven

A dream about a raven

A dream about a raven

When we were children, we surely heard a lot of stories about ravens and their evil, negative role. For ages, they had been believed to be responsible for all miseries, to be the heralds of death and symbols of impurity, as they eat carcass.

No wonder that dreams about ravens are disturbing. We can see a flying raven or flock of ravens, a raven can attack us, be flying above our head and not give up, or have a huge size.


How to interpret a dream about a raven?

Ravens, similarly to the other birds, are believed to be heaven’s envoys, which connects them with death and the underground world. They are the envoys of the dark side of God, but they are neither good, nor bad, what we seem to forget about. In tales, they express the purest truth of unconsciousness, and if they happen to speak, they take part in prophecies. If they appear in a dream, they not necessarily mean misery – they may bring messages from the higher ego or our unconsciousness.

A flying raven may indicate that we are going through a difficult time in life, although we are marginalizing the thoughts about problems, we want to forget about them immediately, but it brings no relief. Maybe it is the time to deal with some matters? A flock of ravens may be the symbol of a commotion and disaster in our life, which are going to happen. A raven’s attack is – in spite of appearances – a good sign, as it means that we will manage to defeat our opponents soon. A raven floating around our head reminds us about the difficult situation we are in. It is worth analyzing it and try to find an optimal solution.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a raven

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