A dream about a kiss

A dream about a kiss

A dream about a kiss

We usually associate kisses with something pleasant. They testify to closeness, passion, they are a form of a very intimate contact which has been used to express various feelings for ages.

Dreams about kissing are very common. We can dream about kissing somebody, being kissed, being blown a kiss, we can watch two people kissing, see somebody close kissing another person (familiar or not) or we can kiss with somebody who is not our partner. What can dreams about kissing mean? We explain below.


How to interpret a dream about a kiss?

Kisses and scenes of kissing appearing in our dreams may suggest a romantic feeling, growing desire, but they also happen to be a metaphor – like in popular idioms, such as “a kiss of death”. Also, we can interpret them as erotic symbols, especially when we kiss somebody.

In order to interpret a dream about kissing correctly, we have to think about all the details appearing in it (whether our attitude is positive or negative, who the kisser and the kissed one are, what part of the body or an item we kiss etc..). These are very important aspects – let’s try to remember them carefully, as missing one of them may change the whole interpretation.

For instance, kissing somebody on the neck may symbolize passion, but being kissed on the forehead may mean a kiss of death and be a warning to take a close look on our contacts with other people, as they may have bad intentions. Kissing a partner or close person is a good sign.

Kissing own mother may be the sign of the upcoming success in the professional or personal life. Kissing a stranger or being kissed by him may symbolize too promiscuous way of living or worshiping pleasures – think if it concerns you.

If we dream about somebody else kissing our partner, it may be a sign that we should fight for her stronger, as the situation in the relationship is not the best. We should analyze the relations with our partner and try to draw any conclusions.

It is worth wondering whether it is dark or bright while kissing. If it is dark – the dream may suggest a danger, illegal situation or even a betrayal. If it is bright, the dream suggests noble intentions and may be a sign of positive changes in our relationship or life.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a kiss

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