A dream about a city

A dream about a city

A dream about a city

There are people who love living in the countryside, but there are also those who love crowded cities. Regardless of what group we belong to, the locale of our dreams may be a city.

A city may be big, with busy, crowded streets, it can also be smaller, but densely built-up. The dreamer may be passing through the crowd of pedestrians and heading in a particular direction, he can also be walking around and sightseeing, stopping by to watch all the interesting elements of the city. The key elements of this dream are the buildings, people around us, suggestive surrounding and plenty of opportunities, which are waiting to be used.


A dream about a city may occur in a more dramatic version – the dreamer may get lost in a dangerous neighborhood, be surrounded by evil, aggressive, unfriendly looking inhabitants.

How to interpret a dream about a city?

A city may be interpreted analogically to a house. Its buildings are often interpreted as the aspects of the dreamer’s personality. If we feel in a city like at home, it may indicate that we know our personality and the least accessible aspects of our consciousness well, and we can control our reactions and behavior. If we feel danger, we probably do not know everything about ourselves and we need to work on this.

It is also worth paying attention to how we move around the city. If we do it easily, it means that we know our good and bad sides well, but if we have problems – probably we devote too little time for self-reflection.

The look of the city is also important – clear and well-planned city is a good sign, while a messy one, with winding streets, suggests the confusion in our mind.

How would Freud interpret a dream about a city?

For Freud, tall skyscrapers and buildings, which usually dominate the city scenery, always mean phallic symbols. He would interpret a dream about a city in similar context, paying attention to buildings.

How would Jung interpret a dream about a city?

Jung believed that a city which appears in a dream, especially when it is surrounded by a wall or a town, symbolizes the ego. And that is what he would pay attention to and base the interpretation on while analyzing a dream.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a city

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