A dream about fire

A dream about fire

A dream about fire

Fire is one of the most destructive elements, and a man realizes his weakness in confrontation with it. It has been giving people warmth and light since ages, but, at the same time – it has been a great danger. As a boon and a danger at the same time, it epitomizes the destruction and glow of a hearth.

Dreams about fire are usually violent and they arouse our anxiety. In a dream, we can be running away from fire, which got out of control, is gaining more and more ground and endangers our life. We may also watch some building burn (often it is our own house), be trying to put out the fire, or be the arsonist. Sometimes in a dream, we can lose a close or totally unknown person, sometimes our clothes may catch fire and arouse great fear and worries….


On the other hand, also hypnotizing dreams about fire happen – fascinated, we are watching a fireplace, the flame of a candle, or are getting warm by the glow of bonfire.

How to interpret a dream about fire?

Heraclitus of Ephesus, a Greek philosopher of the VI century B.C., believed fire to be the source of everything, the matter of which the world had been created and in which it will be destroyed. Already then it was associated with god’s power, believed to be a purifying element, and rituals connected with it rendered fertility and vitality. It is the symbol of the Sun, especially for the primitive cultures, as it gave the people light and glow.

It belongs to the four elements and it is the aggressive, masculine symbol. It expresses the strength of spirit and lively energy, passion, aggression and intensity. It destroys, but also recreates and purifies everything which appears on its way, it fascinates, but also scares. It is the first achievement of humanity, which gave us advantage over animals, and it achieved a breakthrough not only in the development of its tools, but also its intelligence.

No wonder that dreams about fire arouse strong emotions, especially when we think of its destructive powers. If we have not experienced any traumatic events related to fire, we should analyze our reaction to fire in our dream. Did we feel scared, or rather relieved and fascinated? Were we trying to put out the fire, or rather watched the flames? Were the fire burning a person, a building or an item? Maybe, there has been an accumulation of unpleasant and stressful situations in our life, which we want to get rid of? There is also a possibility that a strong, violent emotions has accumulated in our soul and we are afraid of loosing control over them? Do we want to suppress our passions and emotions symbolized by flames, or will let them develop? It all depends on us. If we are dreaming about being on fire, it is possible that, in real life, we are the slaves of ourselves, our desires and passions.

Seeing in a dream a huge flame in the sky is a positive sign – we subconsciously feel that the good days will come, that a happy event will happen. Fading flame means that we are afraid of poverty and dearth – it is worth preparing a good plan for the upcoming time and tighten the belt.

Dreams in which we are watching fire in a fireplace or a bonfire, mean that we subconsciously want to learn something new about ourselves and we are ready for this process. Being burnt in a dream is related to a deeply-rooted shame or sense of guilt, which are connected with some real situation of our life. If a person is burning, we have to think what qualities he/she represents in a dream and try to associate it with something in reality. Maybe it is the person we trusted, but he/she betrayed us? Or maybe it is a non-perspective job?


How would Freud interpret a dream about fire?

According to Freud’s analysis of his patients’ dreams, dreams about fire were related to the episodes with wetting the bed in childhood. He believed that such dream are connected with the ban on playing with fire by children, which cause wetting the bed.

How would Jung interpret a dream about fire?

Jung, the fan of alchemy, believed that the motives of fire in our dreams symbolize the change in our life, or the spiritual awakening.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about fire

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