A dream about fire

A dream about fire (fire) can symbolize destruction, passion, desire, transformation, illumination, journey, fury, and change. It can also mean that something old is about to end and something new is about to begin. The dream is a sign that your thoughts and opinions are changing. If it is a controlled fire, it symbolizes your motivation and inner transformation.

A fire in a dream can also signify emotional problems you are going through. It often signifies renewal or change.


Dreambook fire

To see a fire

When you see something burning in your dream, the dream heralds moments of happiness and joy. It can also mean that there is a situation that you have been ignoring for a long time. Dreambook suggests that a dream about a fire can also symbolize the need for rest.

If you dream about a manageable fire, it means that all the internal problems you have at the moment will be under control and you will solve them without difficulty.

Explosion (blast)

The dream foretells sudden events and changes that can cause problems and arguments.

If in a dream your face (or that of others) was disfigured or mutilated by an explosion means that you will face a situation in which you will be accused of something and suffer the consequences.

If you are consumed by flames because of the explosion, the dream means disloyal friends.

If a girl dreams that she is burnt in flames after an explosion, she should be careful, because it tells her that she may have problems with her boyfriend or a close friend – these people can cause you problems.


If in your dream you heard the sound of an explosion but did not see it, it means that your problems will soon be solved, after which you will regain peace of mind.


If the flame of fire is calm it means that you are seeking knowledge. If you dream about intense flames of fire, the dream may warn of dangers, but also unpleasant moments. You may be involved in situations where you have to give explanations. It can also be a sign of an upcoming important conversation. You need to be careful about what you say, as it will not be difficult to make enemies through ill-advised words.

Sparks of fire

Dreaming about sparks of fire augurs encouragement and good energy. Every day you find new reasons to improve something in your life, find a new job, etc. You are aware of what you are doing, you have everything in your hands and you decide what to do with what you have. Remember, however, that sparks can start a big fire, which means that the decisions you make must be properly analyzed.

Fire (bonfire)

This dream shows that you need affection, thus you need to be closer to the people you love and feel the warmth of your family, partner, or friends. It can also indicate that you are missing the bond or presence of close people.

If you dream about putting out a campfire or that you are trying to warm yourself by it, Dreambook warns that you will experience difficult times. Another meaning of this dream can be explained as a sign that the passion in your relationship is slowly fading.

Balls of fire

Dreambook predicts that you will get entangled in a series of problems that you need to solve fast because they will turn into something much bigger, from which it will probably not be easy to free yourself.

If you dreamed about fireballs falling in your direction, it means that you will be unfairly blamed for something or problems will arise that you cannot control.

However, if you were the one throwing fireballs during the dream, it means that you are aggressively resolving difficult situations and this may cause new problems.



If you dreamed that the air is full of smoke and ash during a fire the meaning of the dream predicts that there will be misunderstandings and dissatisfaction at work, which will cause you to quarrel with people. You need to distance yourself and calm down.

Fire and smoke

The dream foreshadows a rebirth. Although it seems to be a scenario of absolute destruction, you should see it as a stage of personal evolution.

The dream’s meaning may also suggest that there are problems that you need to solve very fast to move forward.

Great fire

The dream reflects your passion and anger. You are part of change and a good asset. Don’t worry about the unknown. Get busy discovering your skills and being someone important and worthy of following in your family.

Small fire

You’re at the stage where problems are a thing of the past and only routine situations arise that don’t cause you much discomfort. You want to relax.

Fire and tornado

It seems that you are making a “fork out of a needle”, turning a small problem into something that is impossible to solve and it seems to you that it is the end of the world. Dreambook convinces you that asking for help, for advice, and analyzing possible solutions will help you get out of any problem.

Fire and apocalypse (end of the world).

The dream represents your own problems. It says that change must happen now. If you wait for things to come on their own, you won’t achieve anything. But if you decide to light your own fire, you will begin to achieve results. If you dream that the world is ending in a big fire it is because you are just tired.

Fiery lava

Don’t exaggerate the trust you have in other people or have excessive expectations of them. If you continue to trust others, you will spend your time on things that do not benefit you.


Circle of fire

If you dream that you are surrounded by fire it means that your stress is beginning to dominate you. You need to eliminate and minimize it, find a moment just for yourself, look for outdoor activities, and pursue hobbies in the company of people you like.

House fire

A dream about a burning house represents passion and love.

According to the Dreambook, such a dream can mean that family or marital disputes are approaching. Do not get carried away by impulses and before you speak, think very carefully about what you have to say, and thus avoid conflicts.

The dream can also symbolize passion. If in a dream fire burns your house, it means that you will have a passionate affair.

Dreambook also gives other meanings of the dream. Problems you have will be solved, and if you lose something valuable in the fire, you will receive it back.

A burning house can also mean a new stage in the life of the family, as well as obedient children.

Depending on what is burning in the house can have important implications for dream interpretation, such as:

  • Doors: you are experiencing moments of excitement.
  • Windows: you feel constrained because of a situation you are experiencing and from which you see no way out.
  • Bed: your relationship will end abruptly or you should take care of your health.

Fire of someone else’s house

The dream means that you envy others. Ask yourself why? Do you really have something to envy? Is your life inferior? Or can you achieve what others can, you just need to try harder? Dreambook also indicates that you are in a place where you are not comfortable. Try to change your situation.


Fire in the room

If your room is on fire in your dream, difficulties and problems are affecting you a lot. It’s time to do something about it. Talk to someone and get some distance from events.

Fire in the kitchen

The dream is associated with willpower and motivation to get things done.

If you felt fear while you were sleeping, it means that you are not ready for new challenges, yet you only need a small incentive to act. The change you have planned will be good and fast.

Fire in the bathroom

Dreambook assures you that you will be lucky. It will appear in various spheres of your life. Take advantage of every opportunity.

Fire in the basement

The dream indicates that all the emotions that overwhelm you can destroy you. You need to deal with it. Don’t let them dominate you.

Fire in the attic

You can act without thinking. Try to control your impulses. You need to restrain your energy a bit or you will get into trouble.

Burning objects

The dream means that happy times are coming. If you’ve been through some tough experiences, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, peace will come.

Another dream meaning indicates that you need time to rest.


Company fire

If you are the owner of a business that is on fire in your dream the dream means that business will go very well and make plenty of profit.

If in your dream you see the ruins of your business after the fire the dream means that you will be very lucky, because your business will grow fast.

Car fire

The dream signifies a lack of tolerance and patience. Keeping calm is the key to a somewhat calmer life. Verify your behavior and control your emotions.

Barn fire

The meaning of the dream can be read as a prediction of material benefits. Expect an influx of cash. Maybe you will receive some good job or an additional occupation, or maybe you will be lucky in a game of chance.

Forest fire

The dream means that you are experiencing anxiety or fear in financial matters. Maybe you are worried about paying off your debts or losing your assets.

Another dream meaning may symbolize how strong you are and that you will move forward, leaving all the past behind.

If you are close to a big change, such as a wedding or the birth of a child, the dream may also mean that you are afraid of losing someone or afraid of making bad decisions. Trust yourself more.

To burn

According to Dreambook, some worries make you feel guilty. You will make mistakes that you will regret.


Another meaning of the dream symbolizes a passionate temperament. The dream can mean that you are madly in love.

If your hand is burning it is a sign that you are honest and have the support of friends.

If you dream that you feel a fire burning it is a sign that your temper is starting to get out of control or that some problem is bothering you a lot and does not give you peace.

If a stranger in your dream is burning, you may have some security and self-esteem problems. If the burning person is a family member, partner, friend, or acquaintance it means that they are going through hard times and need immediate support.

If you dream that someone you know dies in flames it may mean that you will break the bond with them.

If in your dream you notice a burn scar on yourself you are afraid that problems from the past will return.

Arson (to cause a fire, to start a fire).

A dream about arson means that your anger can be destructive. Dreambook says that you are angry at something and you are suppressing it inside yourself. If you feel anger, it is better to discharge it.

The meaning of the dream can also be read as a sign of financial difficulties or a difficult emotional period in your life.


To put out a fire

If in a dream you manage to put out a fire, it means that you overcome the obstacles in life with a lot of effort and work. The dream means that you are unnecessarily worried about the assets of your business.

Fire and water (put out fire with water)

The dream indicates that there will be many problems and situations in your life that will make it difficult for you to function normally.

If you dream that the fire will be extinguished with water, it means that the problems will be solved. You will stand up with courage to fight for your goals, which will strengthen you and make you grow.

To run away from a fire

Dreambook foretells regeneration, a time for change, and evolution. To do this, you must first eliminate all unfavorable situations from your life.

A dream about escaping a fire with the help of a ladder warns of possible financial problems. Do not invest without first analyzing the level of risk, and stay away from companies about which you have no knowledge.

Children and fire (relatives and fire)

You are feeling concerned for the safety of your family. Although this dream does not predict accidents, take precautions. First of all, watch out for children. If in your dream someone in the family is on fire, they may urgently need help.


The meaning of the dream suggests that you are going through an unpleasant stage of your life, but someone will come to motivate you and show that you can still trust someone.


Dream meaning: fire

  • To see a fire – moments of happiness and joy await you.
  • Explosion (explosion) – sudden events may cause arguments
  • Flames – an important conversation awaits you
  • Sparks of fire – the decisions you make must be analyzed
  • Fire (bonfire) – you miss the presence of close people
  • Balls of fire – problems you need to solve fast
  • Smoke – there will be misunderstandings and arguments at work
  • Fire and smoke – solve problems as fast as possible
  • Big fire – get busy discovering your skills
  • Small fire – problems are a thing of the past, relax
  • Fire and tornado – you are making “a fork out of a needle”
  • Fire and apocalypse (end of the world) – change in your life must happen now
  • Fiery lava – don’t trust everyone
  • Circle of fire – stress begins to dominate you
  • Fire of a house – you will have a passionate affair
  • Fire of someone else’s house – you envy others
  • Fire in the room – get distance from events
  • Fire in the kitchen – the change you have planned will be an asset
  • Fire in the bathroom – you will be lucky, take advantage of the opportunity
  • Fire in the basement – don’t let your emotions dominate you
  • Fire in the attic – control your impulses
  • Burning objects – you need rest
  • Company fire – your business will make plenty of profit
  • Car fire – you lack patience
  • Barn fire – expect an influx of cash
  • Forest fire – you are afraid of making decisions, trust yourself
  • Burning – you have a sense of guilt
  • Arson (cause a fire, start a fire) – your anger may be destructive
  • To put out a fire – you overcome obstacles with plenty of effort and work
  • Fire and water (put out fire with water) – your problems will be solved
  • Escape the fire – it is time for regeneration, change and evolution
  • Children and fire (relatives and fire) – you are worried about the safety of your family
  • Firefighter – someone will give you encouragement

Mystic Dreambook – fire

In general, this symbol can signal that in waking life you feel insecure in the situation you are in and want the help of others, but at the same time, you relate to your environment with a lot of distrust.

  • When you dream that you see a fire, it is a sign that you will soon experience some great joy.
  • If you see burning buildings, it foreshadows you arguments and disagreements with the person with whom you are involved in waking life.
  • If in a dream you see a burning forest, it means that your life will be carefree and without major problems.
  • When you see your own house on fire in your dream, it heralds sadness for you, which will last a long time.
  • If you dream that you are escaping from a burning house, it means that you will soon experience something very pleasant, which you did not expect at all.
  • If you dream that you started a fire, it is a sign that you will not succeed in stopping an unfavorable change in your life and your efforts or protests will be of no use.
  • A fire without smoke heralds an improvement in your situation.
  • A fire with clouds of smoke is a sign that your situation will get much worse.
  • When you dream that you are rescuing someone from a fire, it heralds favorable changes that will soon take place in your life.
  • If you are rescuing possessions from a fire, it foreshadows that soon one of your loved ones will do you some harm.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about fire

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