A dream about a storm

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A dream about a storm

A storm appears in our dreams very often and it causes strong emotions, as it is a strong, amazing force of nature that can not be stopped by a human.

Usually, a storm in our dream is sudden, fierce, powerful, with scary thunders cutting the sky.


How to interpret a dream about a storm?

The interpretation of a dream about a storm should be connected with our emotions and desires. It is possible that the appearing storm attests to the strong emotions or desires we feel…

On the other hand, a storm in a dream may also mean a period of psychological pressure and difficulties which bother the dreamer. It is worth paying attention to what persons, except us, appear in the dream and what context they appear in, as it is possible that they are the reason of our messy life.

Thunders appearing in a dream symbolize intuition and sudden perception of an issue. However, the conclusions may not be pleasant – the dreamer may suddenly realize that he has been betrayed by his partner or that someone from his surrounding has been deceiving him. Similar conclusions may be assigned to the dreamer.

According to the folk interpretations, a dream about a storm may be a sign of the upcoming period of failures.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a storm

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