A dream about a bus

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A dream about a bus

A symbol, which often appears in our dreams is a bus – a mean of transport that gives us opportunity to travel from place to place on a safe, well-planned route.

In our dream, a bus can occur in various contexts – we may be the passengers or be driving it (even if we can not do that in reality), we may see a bus full of people, an empty one, we may be waiting  for the bus at the bus stop or even see an accident involving a bus.


How to interpret a dream about a bus?

Buses are the means of transport which are supposed to serve the community. That is why their routes are planned by the authority, who decide how to satisfy the public needs at the same time. As a result, a bus is not the fastest and most direct mean of transport, which will take us to the destination.

It is necessary to consider those facts interpreting dreams about a bus.
If you travel by bus as a passenger, it may mean that you have chosen a safe career path or way of acting, that you have been under somebody’s influence and you are not acting in your own right.

Traveling by bus in a dream is the contrary of the  independent fight for the own good, making a new way, e.g. through the wood. It means that we are afraid of making risky decisions, that we are acting conservatively and we always leave a margin of safety. Maybe it is a time for some risk?

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a bus

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