Children’s dreams

Children's dreams

Children’s dreams

The scientists who study our dreams and the process of sleep, came to a conclusion that the dominant impressions in our dreams are the visual ones. How did they prove it? They proved that an infant dreams a long before he/she can speak.

All the other impressions, such as smell, warmth, cold, pressure or pain, rarely appear in our dreams, while the visual ones dominate in our dreams and occur already in childhood.


Children’s dreams are much more intensive than ours, they happen to have a fairytale locale, which is influenced by the environmental stimulus (e.g. television, street traffic, fairy tales). In dreams, they see the realization of their wishes, but also their fears related to the scary stories they happened to hear, etc.

Children’s dreams are also more obvious than ours, as they have a way smaller life experience, but also in their dreams various meaningful symbols may appear.

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