A dream about cabbage

Cabbage in dreams often foreshadows some investment and financial matters. It can also be a symbol of unwise decisions and mistakes in life.

The dream also suggests looking deeper, not judging the situation superficially, and not making fast decisions.


Fresh cabbage is considered to be cleansing and healing, spoiled shows the state of emotions or situations.

Dreambook cabbage

Head of cabbage

If you had a dream in which you saw a head of cabbage, you should pay attention to your behavior. Ill-considered behavior or overly emotional reactions can ruin your wallet and harm current affairs.

The sight of cabbage in a dream can mean that people around you will give you happiness and bring joy to your life.

There may be an important message. A dream about a cabbage tells of the discovery of a treasure. Cabbage also indicates the need to be more attentive when listening to a child.

To buy cabbage

Buying cabbage in a dream suggests you will make good earnings with the right strategies, decisions, and purchases.

This is a good sign for everyone, as it heralds an improvement in your financial situation.


To peel and wash cabbage

A dream about peeling and washing cabbage suggests that you are growing and taking on challenges.

Fight against weaknesses. Another dream meaning may suggest getting married.

To cut cabbage

Cutting cabbage in a dream indicates honesty and truthfulness. You may need to have an honest conversation with someone. Be open, and don’t be afraid of the truth.

The dreambook warns you are too busy doing small things and wasting time. You’re putting aside important matters.

The dream can also foretell life stability or even boredom.

To cook cabbage

The dreambook predicts some difficulties. The solution you are looking for may require a lot of effort. Be patient, and you will reach your goal.

Another dream meaning foretells that you will be the center of attention of friends, who will take care of you if necessary.

You should also take care of your health, especially a beautiful smile. Even if you do not have a toothache, it is worth visiting a dentist.


To eat cabbage

Eating cabbage in your dream may suggest a problem with money and expenses. You may not be happy with how your family spends money, but you yourself are indulging in your own desires and pleasures. Don’t be a hypocrite.

Another dream meaning predicts trouble with relatives. You will encounter temporary setbacks, grievances, and complaints.
The dreambook also speaks of success in education. If you are about to take an exam, the dream predicts you will receive a good grade.


A dream involving sauerkraut foretells positive events in your life. Your decisions will be accurate, so do not have doubts.

Act and be guided by your own reason and experience.

Another meaning of the dream about sauerkraut suggests that you are too distrustful, and this causes you to achieve less than you could.

Cooked cabbage

The dream signifies prosperity. All things should fall into place, and your life should stabilize. There will be an improvement in the financial situation, which will affect the home atmosphere and improve relationships. Make good use of this time.

Unripe (green) cabbage

Possessing or eating unripe cabbage heralds infidelity. Be especially careful if your relationship is young or you entered it young. You may also be disappointed in a friend or co-worker.

White cabbage

Seeing or eating white cabbage in your dream suggests you shouldn’t waste time on small things. Take more time to find simple solutions. Take a look at your problems from a distance.


You can count on additional income and financial success.

Red cabbage

Red cabbage in dreams indicates some form of inheritance. Someone you love may soon bequeath their wealth or valuable possessions to you.

Unpalatable cabbage

A dream about bad-tasting cabbage means that you will make good use of the money you have. Another meaning of the dream suggests that bad cabbage symbolizes what is happening in your waking life, primarily in the sphere of emotions.

Rotten cabbage

Rotten or stale cabbage in a dream refers to your not making the best choices. The dreambook encourages you to rethink some of your decisions. Don’t make them hastily, and don’t get carried away by pride.

To sell cabbage

The dream may mean that your family will be delighted. Successful family gatherings are also awaiting you. This is a good time to strengthen ties, including with people you haven’t seen for a long time.

Cabbage seedlings

The dream’s meaning speaks of happiness. A period of joy awaits you. Something will happen that you have been waiting for a long time or that you do not expect. Things in which you take a risk will undoubtedly bring the desired result.

Cabbage in the field

A field of cabbages seen in a dream is a prediction of acquiring a property that will cause you trouble. Think carefully about whether it will be the right investment.

A dream about a cabbage bed reminds you that things are not always as they seem. If your dream cabbages grew in even rows, the dream symbolizes balance in your waking life.


To plant a cabbage

A dream in which you are planting cabbage in the ground symbolizes unexpected findings and pleasant surprises. You can also start new projects now. With time they will undoubtedly bring the desired result.

Your relationship with your partner may improve. It’s also a good time to start anew, to break away from the past.

Think twice and don’t make wrong decisions and choices in life. It is possible that you think what you are doing is right, but your heart does not accept the decision. Choose in such a way that you won’t regret it later.

To harvest cabbage

A dream in which you harvest cabbage predicts the establishment of a family. If you already have your family, it may soon grow. The dream’s meaning can also be applied to the family of people close to you, such as the family of your own child or siblings.

Cutting heads of cabbage means profligate spending.

Destroyed cabbage field

The dream foretells difficulties and troubles at work. It will have a particularly negative impact on business negotiations and contracts. If possible, postpone work meetings to another time.

Dream meaning: cabbage

  • Head of cabbage – people who are around you will give you happiness and joy
  • To buy cabbage – there will be an improvement in the financial situation
  • To peel and wash cabbage – fight against weaknesses
  • To cut cabbage – be open and do not be afraid of the truth
  • To cook cabbage – be patient, and you will reach your goal
  • To eat cabbage – get along with your family and be fair
  • Sauerkraut – follow your own sense and experience
  • Cooked cabbage – your financial situation will improve
  • Unripe (green) cabbage – your friend or partner may turn out to be unfaithful
  • White cabbage – you can count on additional income and financial success
  • Red cabbage – you will receive an inheritance
  • Unpalatable cabbage – you will make good use of the money you have
  • Rotten cabbage – rethink some decisions
  • To sell cabbage – your family will be very happy
  • Cabbage seedlings – a period of joy awaits you
  • Cabbage in the field – things are not always what you think they are
  • To plant cabbage – expect a pleasant surprise
  • To harvest cabbage – you will soon start a family, or it will expand with new members.
  • Destroyed field of cabbage – postpone business meetings for another time.

Cabbage – mystical dreambook

  • When you dream that you are eating cabbage, it is a sign that some complaints will soon reach you, to which you will have to respond.
  • Eating sour cabbage is a positive harbinger you can relate to in all areas of your life.
  • Eating sweet cabbage foreshadows that you will find a job in line with your interests, which you will sincerely love.
  • If you see people eating cabbage in your dream, it is a sign that you will soon be sad, but it should not last long.
  • If you see cabbage growing, it foretells dishonesty in the marriage relationship – for you or someone from your closest circle – family or friends.
  • Green cabbage is a harbinger of betrayal.
  • If you’re planting cabbage in your dream, it foreshadows a good life for you.
  • Shredding cabbage heralds stability for you, which, over time, may turn into tedious monotony and routine.
  • Cooking cabbage is a harbinger of prosperity awaiting you.
  • If you dream that you are making sauerkraut, it means that in waking life, you are distrustful of other people, which makes you uncomfortable and restricts you from establishing contact with them and functioning normally in society.
  • Collecting cabbage is a sign that the person you are involved with is concerned about your behavior.
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