A dream about a Gypsy

A dream about a Gypsy

A dream about a Gypsy

We happen to have dreams about the Gypsies. Such dreams may have a positive or a negative meaning causing strong emotions, however, they usually contain a lot of strange events, sometimes even magic, which we associate with the Gypsies.

In our dream, we can see a Gypsy woman with children, see a gypsy caravan, meet a Gypsy who wants to read our hand, we can talk to a Gypsy, be friends with him/her, make a business or even have an affair.


How to interpret a dream about a Gypsy?

The interpretation of a dream about the Gypsies who are mysterious, alien to our culture and associated with the past requires a lot of attention from us, as it concerns the suppressed aspects of our personality. Usually, it is the romantic or sentimental part of our personality, which we rarely show. Our attitude towards the Gypsies in real life is also important.

Have a think about what situation you saw the Gypsies in, what they said or did – every gesture may be important in the correct interpretation. Maybe they foretold you the future? Do you remember the prophecy? What was it about? Maybe there is someone familiar along you in the dream? What are your relations with him/her? Maybe it is a time for changes?

A Gypsy may symbolize abuse of trust, misunderstandings or the wrong values. He/she also may mean the desire of experiencing an adventure, feeling free and spontaneous. A throughout analysis of the feelings towards a Gypsy in the dream will help you get to the source of the bothering problems.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a Gypsy

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