A dream about traveling

A dream about traveling

A dream about traveling

There are people who do not like traveling, but also those who love it. The destination is not always the most important thing, even if it is a beautiful place – sometimes the fact of traveling itself is what really matters – for example, we are traveling by plane or by train and are delighting with the landscape we can see outside the window.

The motif of traveling appears in our dreams in various contexts. Sometimes we are about to set out, but sometimes is preventing us from that; we are traveling around exotic countries and are delighted with the views, or – quite the opposite – feel tired, scared and bored with our trip. We may be traveling using various means of transport – on the land, in the air, or on water. We can also have an accident…


How to interpret a dream about traveling?

The travel appearing in our dream is the symbol of the development of our soul, the will of finding the truth. Metaphorically, it means crossing from one stage of life to another, a new relation, but also discovering ourselves and enlightenment, which should be the real destination of every spiritual travel.

It is worth wondering what the travel in our dream is – a water travel symbolizes sailing on the waters of unconsciousness, climbing refers to our intellect, while a desert is the metaphor for our soul. Can we find any paths? Their lack or presence, but also the fact whether they are clear or blocked, may help us learn if we are are aware of the destination of our spiritual travel, if we are making any progress… Being lost in a travel may symbolize being lost in real life, and lack of confidence in some situations. The way of traveling in a dream has also its symbolic. Are we traveling on foot, on some kind of animal, or using some other mean of transport?

Finding answers to those questions will help us learn the truth about our spiritual searching and may help us find the proper destination.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about traveling

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