Colours in dreams

colours dream symbols

Colours in dreams

Colours belong to the most distinct, universal and important symbols. They illustrate the powers of good and evil, as well as various features of human character, the brighter and also the darker ones. They may have influence on every level of our consciousness and on our body. They divide into the group of light (white and the combination of all the spectral colours) and the group of darkness (black, no colour).

It is the Chinese philosophy and alchemy that refer to colours. They also have very distinct meaning in our dreams.
Interpreting our dreams, it is worth wondering about the colours that dominated in them.
Below are presented the most important colours and their symbolic meaning:

  • White – it symbolizes purity, sanctity, redemption, innocence, life, divine glow and also marriage and death (the one that brings change and regeneration).
  • Celeste – it symbolizes the spirit and the aspects connected with the spirit, God, heaven, it refers to piety, religious feelings and contemplation, as well as to truth and creativity.
  • Brown – it means soil, common features, it is also related to renunciation, spiritual death and degradation.
  • Black – it symbolizes the dark aspects of God, the nature, personality, it is a colour of mourning, death and mortality, it is also connected with latent powers, femininity, unconsciousness and its processes.
  • Red – it is the metaphor for blood, life and life-giving powers, the body, wounds and death, it can be interpreted as the animal nature of a human or – as it is related to fire – the symbol of courage, the strength of will and a war.
  • Violet – it is the symbol of holiness, piety, knowledge, temperance, grief, old age and mourning, for the Christians – throe and suffering, also priesthood.
  • Indigo – it means advanced spirituality and wisdom, but also parapsychical powers and intuition.
  • Orange – it is connected with pride and ambition, as well as – as the colour of fire – with wildness, pageantry, egoism and cruelty, but also the purifying power of flames.
  • Purple – it is a colour related to gods, royal families, authority and justice, for the Christians it means divinity, but also humility and atonement.
  • Pink – it is connected with the body, sensuality and feelings, it is also a colour of resurrection, heart and love coming from inside.
  • Silver – it is the colour of the moon, magic, our parapsychic nature, feelings and intuition, as well as the feminine aspect of cosmic reality.
  • Grey – it means mourning, humility, neutrality and atonement.
  • Green – it is related to positive and negative meanings, as it is a derived colour – transition between one basic colour and another, of the warm, as well as the of cold shades. It may mean hope, renovation, freshness, health and youth, but it can also be connected with mold, slurry, rot, and, finally – decomposition and death. The meanings of naivety and lack of experience are also assigned to this colour.
  • Golden – it is a colour with a meaning of divine light, enlightenment, the greatest glory. It is also related to masculine power of the cosmos.
  • Yellow – it is related (like the golden colour) to such values as the sun, enlightenment, light, bountifulness or intelligence; it is also a starting point for the spiritual “mountain climbing”.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Colours in dreams

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