A dream about the end of the world

A dream about the end of the world

Dreams about the apocalypse can have different meanings. It is usually one of the most difficult dreams to decipher, so you need to analyze every detail of it to better understand the meaning of the dream.

However, a dream about the end of the world most often indicates that the end of a period in your life is approaching and a new one is coming. It is a time of transition or change.


End of the world dreambook


The dream is a symbol of your action. It means that you are acting very impulsively.

You need to somewhat control your emotions. Think for a while. It is essential to be careful. Making decisions without thinking can only further complicate the situation.


The dreambook explains that dire circumstances or experiences have changed how you perceive all situations. Start analyzing events and look at the details more closely.

It may sometimes be worth it to just wait out the difficult times. Your future looks promising, but it will depend only on your decisions.


Water has a meaning related to purification. A dream about the end of the world due to a flood is a clear sign of seeking purification.

Try to clarify all situations to have peace of heart and a clear conscience, and you will feel much better.


Natural disaster

The dream can be interpreted as an upheaval that is taking place within you. You are at moment when you are going through some changes. You don’t know what is coming, but don’t be afraid of it.

Open up to the world and reach for new experiences.

Some changes will come in unexpected ways, but you always have to take advantage of what fate gives you so that you can change for the better.

Alien invasion

The meaning of a dream of this kind indicates that you are afraid of the unknown and what comes from outside because you are convinced it is harmful. The dream reveals your inability to cope with problems.

Each new challenge raises specific fears and even anxieties in you. Change your attitude, seek support from loved ones or friends, and you will see that not everything looks as dramatic as you think.

Fear, panic

If you see frightened people in your dream, Dreambook explains that this dream can mean that some problems are approaching, and you should prepare well to face them.

Everything must be thought out, and it will be necessary to be careful. You will certainly make the right decisions.

Death of people

The dream shows that you are afraid of what may happen. It will be necessary to be cautious and thus face all situations with courage. Do not lose faith and act with persistence to improve the situation.


Dream meaning: end of the world

  • Explosions – you act very impulsively, control your emotions
  • Tsunami – start analyzing events and look at the details more closely
  • Flood, flood – try to clarify all situations and regain peace of mind
  • Natural disaster – you are going through changes, do not be afraid of them
  • Alien invasion – you are afraid of the unknown, change your attitude, seek support from loved ones
  • Fear, panic – prepare well to fight problems, and you will make the right decisions
  • Death of people – you are afraid of what may happen, approach courageously what life brings

Detailed interpretation of the dream

The dream about the end of the world is not one of the usual dreams. It is not likely to happen to us often, either. Still, sometimes we may dream that we are a witnesses to the apocalypse.

No matter what the event looks like, it certainly makes a great impression on us. We wake up terrified, feeling relieved that it was only a terrible dream.

However, this by no means means means that something like this should happen to us in waking life but only makes metaphorical sense.

Interpreting dreams about the end of the world

Dreams of this kind usually occur to us when, in waking life, we have just experienced some particularly stressful event that makes our world turn upside down.

These events include, for example, the death of a loved one, a serious illness, or a divorce. In other words, everything we can metaphorically consider the end of our world as we have known it until now.

The dream illustrates everything happening in our lives. Inside us, it shows the confusion and the torrent of emotions we are feeling. Since they are certainly very strong, the metaphor also appeals to the imagination.

The only difference is that the end of the world in our dream really means the end. At the same time, in waking life, it is only the end of a certain stage for us. We can be sure that another one is about to begin, not necessarily worse than the previous one.

If, on the other hand, we dream about the end of the world, and nothing terrible happens in our real life at all, the dream is a reliable signal from our subconscious that we tend to dramatize and exaggerate every issue, even though there is no reason for it at all. We only spoil our mood by doing so.


Dream of the end of the world, according to Freud

All natural and apocalyptic disasters had no religious overtones for Freud, a staunch atheist.

Instead, he believed that they were an expression of the slumbering aggression and hatred in the dreaming human being, which are present in every human being. However, sometimes they are in a dormant state.

Dream of the end of the world, according to Jung

Jung was a strong believer, and in dreams about the end of the world, he saw evidence that the dreaming person was able to receive purification and a kind of rebirth, obviously to a deeper spirituality and greater faith.

He also believed that redemption appearing in a dream after the apocalypse was a sign that the dreamer was doing the right thing in waking life in some matter, which his own subconscious was trying to convey.

End of the world – mystical dreambook

  • When you dream that you see the end of the world, it foreshadows an argument that will result in your separation from some important person.
  • If in a dream you are running away from a cataclysm caused by the end of the world, it is a signal from your subconscious to show common sense in every situation because only this can guarantee that you will not commit follies that will have fatal consequences.

A dream about end of the world

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about the end of the world

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