Female colleague

Female colleague

A dream about a female colleague

A dream involving your female colleague may foreshadow conflicts with the environment or a return to old issues and people. It can also represent a desire to establish new or return to old social contacts.

If you see female colleagues in your dream, you need to better establish relationships with people around you. If you know the identity of a female colleague from the dream, you need to look at the relationship with this person in waking life.


When dreaming about a female colleague, also think about her character traits and personality that you would like to have. It may be worthwhile sometimes to behave or act like her.

In a dream, a female colleague represents absolute trust and ruthless competition. Much depends on the context of the dream and your situation in waking life.

Dreambook female colleague

A visit to a female colleague

Visiting a female colleague in a dream shows that you need the patience to advance in your work.

Work honestly and wait for results. Another dream meaning suggests that you need contact with someone close to whom you can trust.

Female colleague, you have not seen for a long time.

The dreambook warns: change bad habits! It’s high time to start living a healthy and sensible life.

Focus on your loved ones because you can have support from them.


Another dream meaning that the Dreambook hints at is the appearance in your life of something you have been waiting for a long time.

A female colleague from the old days (from childhood).

Success is close, but you will have to work a lot. It is up to you how much you are able to give of yourself. The reward will be rewarding.

The dream may also mean you want to return to something or someone, such as places or people you haven’t visited for a long time.

If you dream about a female colleague from your childhood, your dreaming mind takes you back to those moments to focus on what you learned then.

Female colleagues from childhood in a dream can also indicate a desire to be more spontaneous and carefree. Perhaps you want to escape the rules and responsibilities of adult life?

The dream may also signify a sense that you have recently acted immaturely.

Female colleague from class

The dreambook advises: in dealing with matters, show patience and tact. Everything will work out successfully, but it will take some time.

The dream may also foretell the renewal of old acquaintances. It can also symbolize a desire to return to the school years, a longing for that time.


Female colleague from school

There may be considerable obstacles or hard tasks in your life.

If you persistently pursue your goals, you’ll be able to overcome them quickly. Do not pay attention to unfriendly people. Instead, stick to your own opinion.

Female colleague from high school

There will be a significant improvement in your professional situation.

Perhaps new contacts or a visit from someone will impact this. Take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

The dream may also signify a desire to return to acquaintances or interests that you have abandoned.

Female colleague from college.

You have a chance to meet someone special. The acquaintance may, in time, develop into love or deep friendship. This is also a good time to study and develop interests and skills.

Female colleague at work

Such a dream symbolizes jealousy. It means that you do not feel confident at work. It is worth working on improving self-esteem and assertiveness.

If you are competing at work with a female colleague, for example, for a promotion, it is better not to get into verbal disputes. Just do your job well.


Female colleague of your husband

The dream hints that it is time to settle any disputes. Explain everything, and reach out for agreement. Reconciliation will positively affect your life and well-being.

There may also be jealousy of someone. Be careful not to spoil something good with speculations.

Pregnant female colleague

A dream about a pregnant female colleague means that you are not paying attention to something important. You are putting something aside for later because it will take you more time, or you are not devoting yourself to it as you should.

The dreambook indicates that it is just time to give it more attention.

Another dream meaning could be that you have matured into a parent and are ready to start a family.

A female colleague had a baby

The dream foretells some small changes in your life. These will be pleasant events, which, although not spectacular, can change a lot for the better.

The dream can also be read as feeling inferior to others, of rejection. Don’t get carried away by bad moods. Seek support from friends and believe in yourself.

Female colleague with a child

You have a kind person in your environment, and it is worth listening to their advice. Ahead of you is a rather difficult period, as there will be many things to do, and many obligations will fall on you.


Manage your time appropriately, and you will do everything as needed.

Female colleague in a wedding dress

You should take care of your needs. It’s time to relax, change bad habits, and do your research. Indulge yourself and allow your body and mind to fully recover.

Satisfied (happy) female colleague

The dream suggests strong feelings of friendship and love. It also signifies good news. You may soon meet a person you love. The dream may also mean that your social life will flourish.

Party with a female colleague

If you are at a party with a female colleague in your dream, it means that an improvement in the financial sphere awaits you. In your life, it is time for good times. You will have good health and well-being. It is time for relaxation. Thus, go to a party with your friends.

Brawl (argument) with a female colleague

According to the Dreambook, such a dream means good news from a true friend. It can also symbolize your anger and hidden resentment. Perhaps you need to express your opinion and unload your emotions. Make sure this happens without hurting others, and you will feel better.

Sick female colleague

Sick female colleague in a dream means that you will avoid danger. However, beware of risky situations, and don’t think you are indestructible. The dreambook also advises you to pay more attention to your loved ones and take care of them, especially in the sphere of health.

Female colleague in the hospital

You are facing something difficult (conversation, meeting, decision). Think carefully about how to get through it because this is an important moment in your life. After that, things will only get better.

This is also a sign that you should remember to rest and not forget your loved ones.


Female colleague who is dead

Cut yourself off from the past. If something is bothering you, explain it. If you miss something, go back to it. Start living what you are now because you are missing many opportunities to change for the better.

Another dream meaning can be interpreted as an encouragement to notice the small joys of everyday life and value what you have.

Dream meaning: female colleague

  • A visit to a female colleague – you need contact with someone you can trust.
  • Female colleague you have not seen for a long time – change bad habits, start to live healthily and sensibly
  • Female colleague from the old days (childhood) – you miss carefree and spontaneity
  • Female colleague from class – show patience and tact in dealing with issues
  • Female colleague from school – ignore unfriendly people, stick to your own opinion
  • Female colleague from high school – there will be a significant improvement in your professional situation
  • Female colleague from college – you have a chance to meet someone special
  • Female colleague from work – work on improving your self-esteem and assertiveness
  • Husband’s female colleague – it’s time to settle all disputes
  • Female colleague pregnant – you are not paying attention to something important
  • Female colleague had a baby – small changes in your life can change a lot for the better
  • Female colleague with a child – listen to the advice of a kind person, and everything will turn out well
  • Female colleague in a wedding dress – take care of your needs
  • Satisfied (happy) female colleague – you may soon meet the person you love
  • Party with a female colleague – it’s time for good times in your life
  • Fight (argument) with a female colleague – you are carrying anger, hidden resentments
  • Sick female colleague – you will avoid danger
  • Female colleague in the hospital – remember to rest and take care of your health
  • Female colleague who is dead – cut yourself off from the past

Female colleague – mystical dreambook

  • When you are arguing with a female colleague in a dream, it may foretell health problems for you.
  • Friendly conversation with a female colleague is a sign that you will unexpectedly receive help in some important matter for you from the side from which you never expected to receive support before.
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