A dream about a baby

A dream about a baby

A dream about a baby

A baby is the most innocent and delicate creature in the world. In most of us it arouses our caring instincts and very warm, positive feelings – it literally melts our hearts.

It also often appears in our dreams in various contexts and situations. We can be dreaming about holding our new born baby, whether we are expecting a baby in our real life or not. The baby may be exceptionally beautiful or ugly, it may be totally naked or wearing a diaper or rompers. Sometimes it is skinny and ill, sometimes – quite the opposite – chubby and healthy. It may be laughing happily or crying. Our attitude towards the baby in the dream is also different – we may be taking a good care of it, or, on the other hand, be totally indifferent or even hurt it…


How to interpret a dream about a baby?

Babies appearing in our dreams are the symbols of the long to innocence, honesty and straightforwardness, but, on the other hand, they also mean that we want to run away from the responsibility. They may be related to the end of some transitional period of our life – we are beginning to accept our the new aspects of our consciousness, we are happy about what we received from the fate or thanks to our hard work, what will enrich us spiritually.

It is generally believed that babies appearing in dreams are a good sign, the prediction of health, happiness and peace, or the sign of undiscovered or undeveloped talents – it is time to do something about it! Dreams about suffering, sick, crying or hurt (by us or somebody else) babies should be alarming.

They are a warning that we miss honesty in our life, that we are involved in relations which – what we subconsciously feel – may only harm us… Or maybe recently we have been scorning honesty and innocence, avoiding responsibility for our acts? Maybe there is something which requires more concern and care? It is worth thinking about.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a baby

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