A dream about pants reveals a person’s true nature, what he is hiding or what he desires. It mainly refers to feelings and desires such as shame, security, self-esteem, success.

Dream Meaning Pants

To buy pants

A dream about buying pants refers to a new stage in life, such as a new job or a new relationship. It can also mean a change of habits or a change of place.


Wearing pants

Wearing pants in a dream means a wedding or engagement in the family.

Wearing pants also represents a desire for power and control.

If a woman wears pants, the dream suggests that she is trying to play a leading role and would like to focus more on her “masculine” character traits in everyday life.

Taking off pants

Taking off your pants in a dream means not allowing others to influence your decisions. It can also mean destroying your reputation. Perhaps you are in a difficult situation and are being forced into a certain behavior or action. This is usually accompanied by a sense of fear, a desire for security and mental stability.

To lose one’s pants

The meaning of this dream symbolizes the loss of a sense of security. If you can find your pants quickly, you will regain your sense of security.

The dream also suggests a feeling of pain and shame. Why do you feel this way? Perhaps you need to work on your self-esteem or deal with past demons.


Pants on a string (hanging pants)

The sight of pants on a string or in a closet is a sign that you will receive an invitation to a big party. There will be an opportunity to celebrate at work or at home, get ready!

Folded pants

A dream about folded pants means that it is time to put your ideas into action. Maybe you’ve been putting something off, maybe you’ve been dreaming about something for a long time, or maybe you’ve been afraid to reveal a project of your own. Now is the time to dust off your ideas and get to work.

New pants

If you are wearing new pants in your dream, the dreamer predicts that excellent professional opportunities will arise. Perhaps you will change positions or companies, and if you are not working, you will have the opportunity to find a very favorable offer.

The dream about new pants also means that you know how to get obedience and respect from others. You have strength and energy and everything you need to be successful.

Old pants

The meaning of this dream is that you are tired of old relationships. Perhaps it’s time to reinvigorate friendships, or perhaps to meet new people, to enter a new environment.

If the pants in your dream were old and torn, it is a sign that you will be lucky in the game.

Torn pants

You feel a little helpless, insecure, you feel that others do not respect you. These are your subjective feelings. You should gain confidence. Show others that you have your own ideas and skills.

Pants on the left side

This dream means that you are losing your strength and can no longer work or sacrifice for others. You must finally realize that your strength is limited.
Another meaning of this dream is quarrels and disputes.


Torn pants

The meaning of this dream is opposition from your family. If you want to share some plans or decisions with a loved one, be prepared that they will not be received with enthusiasm. Prepare rational arguments to convince your loved ones of your plans.

Another meaning of the dream is that some event has caused your suffering or you are afraid of causing it. You may feel guilty. A dream about torn pants means that someone will hurt you and get you into trouble.

Tearing your pants in a dream means that you are afraid that others will perceive you in a way that you do not want to be perceived. Perhaps you fear the image of a weak and insecure person.

If you were wearing torn, fashionable pants in your dream, the meaning of the dream is different: you are a person who values freedom and feels comfortable where you live.

Torn pants

You may feel lost and weakened. If someone hurts you in any way, react. Seek help from trusted people or professionals.

Dirty (stained) pants

Wearing dirty pants in your dream means that you will clear up some misunderstanding. There is also a chance that someone who tried to harm or disturb you will get out of your way.

If your pants were dirty, it means that your thoughts are consuming you too much, and you can’t concentrate on what you’re doing. Sooner or later someone will notice, and you may get into trouble.

If your pants are soiled with feces, it’s a sign that events or situations are causing you great emotion. Something you did didn’t work out or had unexpected results. Now you feel ashamed, and a heavy atmosphere has formed around you. You don’t want to be rejected. Clear up misunderstandings and be yourself.


A dream about bloody pants means you are losing energy and your role is being questioned. The feeling of rejection can stop you from taking action.

Lots of pants

You have stopped for a while. The dream means suspension, stagnation. It is time to move on. If necessary, find a new way.

Walking without pants

If you are ashamed of your clothes in a dream, the dream means that you are unable to accept your weaknesses. If, on the other hand, you are calm, the dream indicates high self-esteem and even a sense of superiority.

Types of pants

Classic pants

If the pants are classic, the dream is probably related to work. It means that you have a lot of work to do. You need to focus on your duties and persevere towards your goal.

Wide pants (pants that are too big)

This dream means that you are going through a period where you feel unable to face the world. Perhaps you don’t like yourself as you are, either physically or mentally. The dreamer advises you to relax and look at yourself and your responsibilities from a distance. A friend can help you with this.

Tight pants

A dream about tight pants means that you are somewhat closed in on yourself, also closed to the world and people, withdrawn from life. Come out of hiding and look at what is happening around you from a different perspective.

Short pants (shorts)

The dreamer suggests that something is going wrong in your relationship. Perhaps you have set high expectations for yourself and now feel lost and insecure. Think about your relationship, talk to your partner, spend more time with him.

Long pants

The meaning of this dream is that you may have been too bold or taken advantage of your position. Don’t back down, but pay more attention to what you do and say, and you will make a better impression on others.


Suit pants

Sen represents good finances, success, and a certain social status. You are well established professionally and socially and nothing will change in the near future. Make good use of this time.


The dream may mean that you are a rebel or a bluebird. You take life too lightly.

Another meaning of the dream can be a warning to behave more modestly and show respect to others.

Velvet pants

If you are a man, the dream of velvet pants means that you want to show others your way of being. If you are a woman, the dream represents the search for a strong man.


Dreaming of sweatpants means that you need ease and freedom to feel comfortable in all areas of life. It’s time to change your lifestyle or cut yourself off from people who limit you.

Leather pants

A dream about leather pants means that you want to surprise others. It is also a sign that you have a strong desire to establish new relationships. The dreamer also notes that this type of dream can indicate that you want to hide something or protect yourself from others.

Pants with flowers

A dream about flowery pants means that you desire romance and freedom. You want to feel light and free. However, think about whether you will be erasing something you have achieved so far. If you are stuck in toxic relationships, it is worth ending them.

Striped pants

This dream means that you are a little insecure. You often change your mind. It’s time to make up your mind and stick to it. Think about what you want to achieve, what you need. Make a plan and follow it.


Unusual pants

The dreamer suggests that a moment of renewal is coming in your life. Perhaps you want to change something completely or dream of something unusual. You will have the opportunity to make these changes.

Pants Colors

Black pants

Dreams about black pants are usually an expression of your sadness, your suffering. Sometimes it is necessary for you to experience an event. But it should not last too long. Seek comfort and solve unpleasant situations as soon as possible.

Red pants

Red pants indicate that you are ready to follow your passions. You are full of life and sexual energy and want to express it. You will seek new acquaintances and develop your interests.

White pants

White pants in a dream indicate your purity and wisdom. You will enjoy good health and fitness. There is a good time ahead of you without turbulent events.

Pink pants

A dream about pink pants indicates that you need affection and protection. You may seek it from loved ones or in a new relationship. If you make new acquaintances, get to know the person well before you open up completely.

Dream meaning: pants

  • Buying pants – you are starting a new phase in your life
  • Wearing pants – you strive for power
  • Taking off pants – you want security and stability
  • Losing pants – you have a sense of pain and shame
  • Pants on a string – you receive an invitation to a party
  • Folded pants – it’s time to put your ideas into action
  • New pants – you have everything you need to succeed
  • Old pants – meeting new people
  • Destroyed pants – gain confidence
  • Pants on the left side – remember that your strength is limited
  • Ripped pants – someone is hurting you and getting you into trouble
  • Wrinkled pants – when someone hurts you, respond
  • Dirty (stained) pants – you will clear up some misunderstanding
  • Lots of pants – it’s time to move forward, look for a new way
  • Walking without pants – you cannot accept your weaknesses
  • Classic pants – you have a lot of work to do
  • Wide pants (too big pants) – you feel weak, take a rest
  • Tight pants – come out of hiding and look at the world from a different perspective
  • Short pants – pay more attention to your relationship
  • Long pants – pay more attention to what you do and say
  • Suit pants – you are well established professionally and socially
  • Jeans – act more modestly and show respect to others
  • Velvet pants – you want to show others your way of being
  • Sweatpants – you need freedom
  • Leather pants – you want to build new relationships
  • Floral pants – you want romance and freedom
  • Striped pants – it’s time to make a decision
  • Unusual pants – you can change a lot in your life
  • Black pants – don’t dwell on sadness
  • Red pants – you are full of life energy and want to express it
  • White pants – good times ahead
  • Pink pants – you need affection and protection

Mystic dream meaning – pants

In general, this symbol can be a signal from your subconscious that when you are awake, you are too easily seduced by appearances and do not want to change them because they are so comfortable for you.

The meaning of dream pants

If you see or wear pants in your dream, it foretells that peace will come into your life and you will finally be able to feel safe.

If you put your pants on the left side, it is a sign that you will soon feel completely in love with something or someone.


If you lose your pants in a dream, it is a sign that someone will mock you mercilessly.

Pulling down your pants is a signal from your subconscious to be more careful when you wake up.

Ripped pants appearing in your dream foreshadow that you will cover yourself in shame.

Soiled pants are a harbinger of an unpleasant event that will soon take place in your life.

Children’s pants with suspenders mean that you will receive a small gift, but your joy will be great.

Short pants are a sign that you will have to incur a lot of expenses that you have not planned at all.

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