A dream about a heart

A dream about a heart

A dream about a heart

A heart is an universal symbol of love, commitment, friendship, as well as the center of the mystic nature. It symbolizes our vital forces – it pumps the blood and circulates it around our body, which keeps us alive. It is also associated with bravery and firmness in fight – that is where such idioms as “brave heart” come from. It is believed to be the source of soul.

We often have problems with our heart in dreams– we may feel pain, we may also get scared so much that our heart is galloping and about to jump out of our chest, or we are so excited that we feel that our heart rate is speeding up. In a dream we may undergo a heart surgery, or tear our or somebody else’s heart out. We may also see a picture of heart or a heart-shaped item.


How to interpret a dream about a heart?

A dream about our own heart, which is believed to be the symbol of love, may indicate how we deal with our feelings in real life. Let’s think about our attitude towards relationships, whether we have experienced any heart failures, and about our plans for future connected with our partner…

If we are dreaming about having heart problems, maybe we are not sure about our beliefs – do we let our heart rule our head, or we run with the pack and listen to other people’s suggestions? An open-heart surgery is the sign from our unconscious mind that we should change something in our life, especially on the emotional plane. Tearing a heart out means that we want somebody’s acquiescence.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a heart

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