Numbers in dreams

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Numbers in dreams

Although we happen to forget about them, numbers in dreams have really important meaning and it is worth devoting some time and attention during dream interpretation, especially when we manage to remember a longer combination of numbers.

They define our personality and are connected with our psychodynamism and the periods of growth and development. In Jung’s opinion, they are also related to esoteric theories, which find their unconscious expression in the form of numbers in our dreams.


Below are presented the most important even numbers (feminine) and odd numbers (masculine), which may occur in our dreams with their specific meanings.

  • Zero – it means the vacuum, in which everything has its beginning and the end.
  • One – it is the number which means the beginning, individuality, masculinity and indivisibility.
  • Two – it is the number which means duality, femininity, jing and jang, receptivity and also the light and the darkness.
  • Three – it is a magical number, symbolizing spirituality (intentionally there is the Holy Trinity).
  • Four – it means entirety, stability, feeling and materialization.
  • Five – it is the symbol of human being in the form of a star and material life.
  • Six – it is the number connected with symmetry, the union between God and a human, and also the body and the soul.
  • Seven – the number related to the cycles of life, internal rhythms and powers.
  • Eight – it is the symbol of generation, degeneration, death, revival and infinity.
  • Nine – just like the nine months of pregnancy, it is a number which means the completion of the growth process.
  • Ten – it is the number which means the new beginning, reincarnation.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Numbers in dreams

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