A dream about ears

A dream about ears

A dream about ears

There are a lot of versions of this dream. In a dream, our or somebody else’s ears may grow to an enormous size or significantly shrink, they may start to protrude, or be pierced and decorated with earrings.

The change of the ears’ size may be accompanied by gaining the ability of hearing perfectly, even from a large distance, but also by deafness – we may be seeing somebody speaking, because his lips are moving, but not be able to hear a single sound. Sometimes all sounds get deafen by one dominating sound… The most extremal version of this dream is seeing somebody or ourselves without ears.


How to interpret a dream about ears?

According to ancient people, an ear was the place where our memory was located. It is also an organ which receive the surrounding sounds, as well as various information. An ear was also associated with betrayal, gossips, revealing secrets, etc. A dream about ears which suddenly become enormously big, may be a gentle allusion that we should open to the external information (e.g. about political life or interpersonal relations), and listen what other people say to us or about us.

It is commonly believed that dreams about a part of the body are the message from the unconsciousness about our internal life. The change of the size of ears or losing the may indicate a particular sphere of our existence, which is causing us pain, which we can not accept, and which is overwhelming us. It is worth wondering what part of ourselves we have neglected and take care of it.

If we are dreaming about being unable to hear somebody, it is possible that we do not want to accept some aspect of the reality, or that we are missing somebody what is happening around us. We should pay attention to it.

We should not ignore dreams about ears, especially if they return frequently, as they may indicate the rift between the things which are important to us and our life, in which something made us forget about our ideals.

How would Freud interpret a dream about ears?

Freud believed that our superego is connected with hearing. If we are dreaming about being unable to hear the sounds of our surrounding, we are probably subconsciously ignoring the internal censorship and judgment. The researcher also believed that the external sounds are included in our dreams, which prevents us from waking up. This means that, for example, if there is a storm outside, we may hear shots, sounds of earthquakes, etc. in our dream, instead of the thunders. Additionally, it is worth remembering that in Freud’s opinion, speech in dreams is only an after-effect, which means that it consist of our real-life words and thoughts.

How would Jung interpret a dream about ears?

Jung rarely devoted his attention to the topics related to ears. However, he believed that the voice which the dreamer hears in a dream expresses “the absolute truth or a condition”.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about ears

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