A dream about flying

A dream about flying

A dream about flying

Flying had been for ages only a human’s dream, which seemed to be impossible to realize. However, thanks to the inventions of our civilization – it became possible and commonly used, and nobody is surprised to see a plane in the sky, but we are still unable to fly without the technical help.

How to interpret a dream about flying?

As a general rule, dreams about flying bring a very clear – pleasant or unpleasant – message. A pleasant dream about flying has a very positive overtone, it indicates that we managed to succeed , that we are proud of ourselves and flying is a form of celebration. However, we have to remember not to become arrogant – conceit and self-importance may lead us to a disaster. Maybe we also feel that our life has become boring, and that is how our unconscious mind is making us find a new fascination, a hobby.


Dreams about unsuccessful flying arouse the feeling of insecurity and fear, probably it is a sign of our subconscious worry that there is something, which impedes our development or is a burden to us, that we are out of our depth. An escape to the sky from a danger may indicate that we are trying to run away from our problems, too cruel, mundane and complicated reality. So it is worth localizing the source of our worries and try to “tame” them, look into the matter which we have been marginalizing.

It is worth knowing that in many cultures, flying is believed to be an erotic symbol – it resembles love raptures. Artemidorus Daldianus, a great dream commentator, believed that if we have wings and are flying in a dream, we will succeed in the most important issue. Flying with birds were for the great Greek the symbol of the upcoming meeting with foreigners.

How would Freud interpret a dream about flying?

In Freud’s opinion, dreams about flying refer to childhood – he believed that swinging and sliding brought us pleasant feelings with a sexual tinge. That is why dreams about flying should be interpreted as a hidden lust, the desire to be with somebody.

How would Jung interpret a dream about flying?

For Jung, flying is related to achieving the higher consciousness and releasing from the things which has been limiting us and which we want to sort out in our life.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about flying

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