A dream about an attic

A dream about an attic

A dream about an attic

An attic is the place which we used to associate with a mystery, something undiscovered, magical in childhood. This is where all old, seemingly unnecessary items are stored, which are often assigned a magical, supernatural meaning by children.

Usually, a dream about an attic looks like this: we are in our or an unknown house, and are climbing upstairs to the highest floor, and then we enter the attic. It may look variously. It may be dark, lifeless, mysterious and unusual, it happens to be the treasury of photographs, keepsakes and furniture, which has been stored there for ages. There may also be a scary ghost.


How to interpret a dream about an attic?

A house is a very personal place, in which every room has its own meaning. It usually reminds us of a particular period in our life, it may also be the metaphor for life in general. The rooms and their functions reflect various sides of the dreamer’s personality.

An attic is the room where we store items which have sentimental value, are for some reason important to us. We associate it with memories and tradition – and may symbolize those qualities which formed us, affected our personality.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that an attic is located in the highest part of a house, which makes him some kind of a “head” and an important dream symbol. If we are dreaming about a haunted attic, maybe we are thinking too much about the past, or we have not payed the last tribute to a close person who died.

How would Freud interpret a dream about an attic?

Freud never referred to an attic itself, however he believed that rooms in dreams symbolize women. If there are various ways to rooms and from rooms presented in our dream, the interpretation is rather obvious. The followers of this theory claim that a cellar may be the metaphor for unconsciousness, while an attic may symbolize the superego.

How would Jung interpret a dream about an attic?

According to Jung, a house is the metaphor for the self, the “residence of mind”. Climbing up the stairs to get to an attic means that we want to learn more about our psyche, to begin the process of the intellectual change, and we are not afraid of potential failures.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about an attic

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