A dream about grandmother

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A dream about grandmother

Grandmother is a person which appears in our dreams quite often, as she has an important meaning in our life. She is associated with warmth, care, protectiveness and kind feelings, but sometimes also she can be evil, hostile and harmful creature.

There may be a lot of grandmother dream versions – for example, we can talk to grandmother, see her, be at her funeral, see her making us a meal or walk her to the bus or train station.


How to interpret dreams about grandmother?

Grandmother appearing in dreams usually symbolizes a guardian or caregiver, especially in a positive meaning, when reminds us of our childhood.

In a negative meaning, grandmother may appear as an evil and harmful creature, giving us vicious comments and harming us.

In myths, she appears as the Great Mother, who is a depiction of the faith of the specific person. So if she appears in our dream, she may symbolize an important moment of the life or a change, sometimes an important event that is supposed to happen.

As a general rule, every white-haired woman appearing in a dream is grandmother. Grandmother in our dream may also represent a real person. In such case, the best solution is to analyze features of character, attitude and behavior of that person and decide whether it is possible to draw any conclusions.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about grandmother

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