A dream about a treasure

A dream about a treasure

A dream about a treasure

We all dreamed of finding a treasure in childhood.

A dream containing this motif is also attractive in later age. We may dream about finding money, jewels, coins or other valuables just by chance, e.g walking down the street or in a desolation, we may also find money which have always been in our house, e.g in a cabinet or under the floor.


Usually, we subjectively feel that the treasure belongs to us and nobody else.

In the other version of this dream, an item which we use everyday turns into something magical, e.g. some kind of a talisman, amulet, etc.

How to interpret a dream about finding a treasure?

Dreams about finding a treasure are typical for artist and highly creative people. Unfortunately, we should not believe that they will bring us any material benefits, however, they refer to equally valuable, or even more precious, psychological benefits. A treasure (especially jewels) is the metaphor for our undiscovered or hidden abilities.

A buried treasure means that we have not discovered our abilities yet, that we are not aware of them, or that we are suppressing them for some reason. A magical item which suddenly shows its power may be the metaphor for something special which we have in our life, but are unaware of.

How would Freud interpret a dream about finding a treasure?

In Freud’s opinion, dreams about treasures are not related to financial benefits. Money in our dreams are symbolized by… excrement.

How would Jung interpret a dream about finding a treasure?

Jung believed that a buried treasure is the metaphor for the hidden aspects of our self, which we are looking for and willing to explore.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a treasure

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