A dream about a rabbit

A dream about a rabbit

A dream about a rabbit

Do you happen to have dreams about a rabbit? It is one of the most popular dream symbols, which has a strong symbolical meaning , so you should not ignore it.

A rabbit may appear in your dream in many versions – you can catch a rabbit, breed it, eat it, see a rabbit running, or even… kill it. Below we advise, what to pay a special attention to while analyzing and interpreting a dream about a rabbit.


How to interpret a dream about a rabbit?

A rabbit and a hare has been believed to be the symbols of fertility, revival and the feminine elements for ages. Because of their feminine properties and the night life they lead, they were commonly associated with the Moon, which, in turn, is related to Mother goddess and intuition, rules the flora, determines the women’s menstruation and – according to the newest research of the depth psychology – is the symbol of animal fertility. It is for its connection with the Moon why a rabbit may symbolize the upcoming change, a positive or a negative one, and also intuition jumps.

If we see a rabbit in our dream, it may indicate that we prefer quantity over quality. A rabbit is less damaging than mice or rats, which can be interpreted as the dreamer’s fear of somebody or something, which is difficult to overcome, but necessary to regain the internal balance.

It is also an energetic animal, which is hard to catch – it is possible that we should start acting more energetically and vigorously in our everyday life, and make decisions more bravely.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a rabbit

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