A dream about a child

A dream about a child

A dream about a child

We all happen to have a dream about a child, because it is a very popular dream symbol. It is worth paying a little bit more attention, and we should wonder what it can mean when it appears in our dream.

Dreams about a child may occur in many versions – we can see a child (a healthy, happy or a sick, skinny, alive or dead one), play with it, give birth to a child or even…kill it. Should dreams about children generate our special interest? Today, we will advise you how to analyze them.


How to interpret a dream about a child?

Interpreting a dream about a child, we have to analyze every single detail which caught our eye. Let’s think whether we know the child, try to estimate its age, judge its behavior and our feelings towards it.

Often, dreams about a child are interpreted as the will to return to a simple, less complicated life, to the past which we associate with happy moments, good times. It is also possible that the dream is the expression of our subconscious need to realize dreams which we had as a child, or to satisfy bothering desires.

A child – the childish side of our personality

What is interesting, even if the child appearing in a dream is the dreamer’s child in real life, we should interpret it as a child in general, as our childish side of personality. We all have something childish left – some wishes, fears, the need of safety, tenderness – if the child of our dream needs our presence and love, it is possible that those are the feelings we lack in our real life the most.

Also a group of children appearing in our dream, especially when they are noisy and we have no control over them, may indicate that something in our soul is revolting, that we are helpless against the surrounding…

Let’s think whether a child (children) of our dream means the imbalance in our life, some kind of a disappointment, an event, which remind us either about an event from our childhood or cause a longing for “the lost paradise”.

A child – the warning against a childish behavior?

It happens often that dreams about children are the illustration of our immoral needs and desires which we can not express using different images. Maybe those desires are, as our subconsciousness suggests, naïve and childish – is it the time to change our behavior and attitude towards the reality? Or maybe our subconsciousness is warning us that lately, we have been acting childish and infantile in an important matter? Let’s analyze whether it that concerns us.


A child – the lucky sign

A child appearing in a dream may also have a positive meaning – many times it symbolizes a happy, family life, success in the professional life, it indicates that an undiscovered way to the success may appear or we can achieve something precious. Do not ignore a dream, as every single one is very important to our existence.

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