A dream about mud

A dream about a mud

A dream about a mud

With a pinch of salt, we can say that we “get bogged down” in dreams about mud.

Usually, in a dream about mud we are dirty or we get mired in it while walking or traveling in some kind of vehicle and we can not move forward. The more we try to get out of it, the more we get stuck…


Dreams about mud are seldom positive – the only version that may seem pleasant is dreaming of getting mud therapy at the SPA

How to interpret a dream about mud?

Mud is a mixture of soil and water. Soil symbolizes stability and materialism, while water is the symbol of the mysterious deepness and our unconscious mind. Dreams containing this motif may indicate that there is a conflict between our logic and emotions in the mind. Similar meaning may have a quicksand appearing suddenly and unexpectedly.

Interpreting a dream about mud which causes negative personal associations, we have to think whether we – intentionally or not – have not destroyed the good name of somebody (that is whether we have not thrown mud at somebody). Maybe we have compunction about it… Or maybe we have destroyed our own good opinion? On the other hand, we could get involved in relations in the personal or professional sphere which, just like mud, bog us down and unable moving forward? It is worth thinking about.

How would Freud interpret a dream about mud?

For Freud, dreams about mud, dirt, etc were connected to sewage and referred to the unsolved feelings of shame, grudge or often, owning money. What is the connection? Sewage contain toxic substances expelled from the body while the unconscious urge to greed and shame connects with heading to something or hiding negative emotions from somebody. This is a typical example of Freud’s inversion.

How would Jung interpret a dream about mud?

Jung never interpreted dreams about mud, however, he devoted a lot of attention to “the soil” nature of a human, noticing how much connects us with soil. He equated Mother Earth with the feminine lively power and everything unrealized.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about mud

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