A dream about kissing

The dream about kissing primarily means love, peace, and contentment. The dream can also be associated with the support of some initiative. It indicates that you believe in the abilities of those who undertake it.

Dreambook kiss

A gentle kiss

If in a dream you are receiving a gentle kiss Dreambook warns that false friends will try to interfere with your plans. Be on your guard and believe in your strength.


Tender kiss

The dream foretells joy at home. Use this time to get closer to people with whom relations have grown cold or weakened recently. Take an interest in the needs of loved ones. Spend more time with them.

Passionate kiss

A dream about a passionate kiss is a sign that you are looking for support and that the person you are kissing, even if you are not emotionally attached to them, will provide that support. Look around you and don’t tune out people.

A stolen kiss

When you steal a kiss from someone, the dream meaning reveals that you are suppressing desires and should release them. You need to get rid of the fear of realizing them.

When someone steals a kiss from you in a dream, be prepared for an unforeseen event. If you like the situation, it is pleasant for you, and the dream means that surprises will be good for you.

Forced kiss

The dream means that someone very close to you is not behaving sincerely towards you, and may even betray you. Avoid flatterers and use common sense.

To avoid a kiss

If in a dream you avoid or reject someone’s kiss, Dreambook advises: avoid an argument with a loved one. The meaning of the dream can be read as a tendency to conflict, resentment, and explosiveness.


Kiss on the lips

If you dream that you see two people kissing on the lips is a sign that you are very involved in the situation of one of these people. Another possible interpretation of the dream is that you realize that two of their personality traits positively complement each other.

If you dream that you are the one kissing someone on the lips, it signifies serious plans for a future together.

If in a dream you kissed a loved one on the lips, Dreambook indicates that you feel safe. It also foretells success in professional life and financial gains.

If you dream that you are kissing the lips of someone you do not know, the dream is an indication that you want to live in a relationship, but you are prevented from doing so by excessive caution or prejudice against people.

Kiss on the cheek

Kisses on the cheek represent pure and sincere friendship. Dream – depending on whom you kiss, it symbolizes fidelity, brotherly relationship, and affection. It also indicates good luck in love. The dream also predicts success and plenty of importance of relationships in your life.

A kiss on the forehead

When you dream about a kiss on the forehead, the dream means respect and purity in real life, you can have confidence in your friends. It is a sign that they are sincere and will never let you down.

Kisses on the forehead symbolize the protection you offer to the person you are kissing, it is also an expression of love. The dream can also mean misunderstandings, which is related to the fact that the kissed person has plenty of importance for you and you do not want to lose their friendship.

Kissing someone’s hand

Kissing someone’s hand is a prediction that you will receive important support in a new project.


The dream that you are kissing someone’s hand or that someone is kissing your hand means respect and that you will find someone who will be of great importance to you.

Another dream meaning symbolizes betrayal, so be careful of the people around you, especially at work.

Kiss on the neck

A kiss on the neck is synonymous with desire. Dreambook warns, however, that if you have a partner and you have this dream, it is associated with infidelity. If you are single, the dream may mean that you are looking for romance and adventure.

If you are not looking for love at the moment, the dream warns you of someone who may want to take advantage of you.

Kiss of a child

If you dream that you are kissing a child, expect the return of great love.

A dream that you are kissing a child on the cheek or forehead is an omen that a good period will begin in your life. You will get support from loved ones.

Kiss with a colleague, with a friend (female colleague, friend).

The dream is a symbol of close relationships. Another meaning of the dream suggests that you feel a deeper affection for this person. The dream may also mean that your relationship will change.

A kiss with an ex

The dream is an expression of what you are experiencing. You still remember your former partner, which prevents you from making new friends. Dreambook advises: cut yourself off from the past.


Kiss of someone I like

Kissing in a dream a person you like means that you want to express your feelings to him and get assurance that he reciprocates them.

If you kiss a person you like in a dark place, it is a signal that there may be infidelity or lies in your relationship. Talk to your partner and resolve conflicts.

Kiss with a woman (with a man).

Kissing a woman in dreams foreshadows several obstacles that may arise in your life. Thus, you must be careful and show your intelligence.

Kiss of a stranger

When you kiss a stranger in a dream the dream means that you need to get to know yourself better. If something is hindering your development, you need to change your behavior.

Kiss of a person of the same sex

Kissing a person of the same sex shows that you fully accept yourself. It gives you confidence and strength to act.

Other dream meanings may suggest hidden desires that you do not realize in your relationship.

Kiss of the dead (a person who is no longer alive).

If the person kissed in the dream has already died, it is a sign of good health and happy family life for you in waking life. Plenty of joy and harmony in everyday life awaits you.

Kissing an object

If you kiss an object in your dream, the meaning of the dream warns that you are living in your world, it is time to come down to earth. You are creating illusions that are not right. Perhaps you do not want to believe what is and you create your own image of people and things.


Summary of the dream kiss

  • Gentle kiss – beware of false friends
  • Tender kiss – take an interest in the needs of loved ones
  • Passionate kiss – you are looking for support
  • Stolen kiss – you are suppressing desires, you should release them
  • Forced kiss – avoid flatterers and use common sense
  • Avoid a kiss – avoid an argument with your loved one
  • Kiss on the lips – success in professional life awaits you
  • A kiss on the cheek – you will be lucky in love
  • A kiss on the forehead – you can have confidence in your friends
  • A kiss on the hand – you will receive important support in a new project
  • A kiss on the neck – you are looking for romance, adventure
  • Kiss of a child – a good period will begin in your life
  • Kiss with a colleague, with a friend (female colleague, friend) – you have a close relationship with someone
  • Kiss with an ex – get away from the past
  • Kiss someone I like – you desire reciprocation of feelings
  • Kiss with a woman (with a man) – there will be obstacles in your way
  • Kiss of a stranger – you need to get to know yourself better
  • Kiss of a person of the same sex – you fully accept yourself
  • Kiss of a dead person (a person who is no longer alive) – you will have a happy family life
  • Kiss of an object – you live in your world, come down to the ground

Dream about a kiss

We associate a kiss in a decidedly positive way, with the display of positive feelings such as a sense of closeness, love, romance, passion, and desire.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this important symbol appears from time to time in everyone’s dreams, usually in the context that we are kissing someone with whom we are involved in waking life, but not always the version of this dream so realistic, because sometimes we dream about kissing someone who is a complete stranger, or someone with whom in waking life this could certainly not happen.

Interpreting dreams about a kiss

When we dream of some kisses, it can be a sign that in waking life we are in a very romantic mood and in love with someone, or we feel attracted to a person. In addition to this, however, a kiss in a dream can have a metaphorical meaning.

So, first of all, we need to think about what kind of feelings this dream evokes in us, that is, what is our attitude towards the kiss we see or that we are experiencing, as well as what kind of people and additional details appear in our dream. All the details can be very important and completely change the direction of interpretation, thus we should not leave out anything that we managed to remember from this dream.

When we dream that we kiss someone’s neck, it is a sign that we feel physically attracted to this person. If we dream that someone is kissing us on the forehead, it is a signal from our subconscious that in waking life someone has dishonest intentions toward us and we need to be on guard. If in a dream we kiss a person with whom we are involved in waking life, it augurs good luck and prosperity for us, not only in that relationship.

If we dream that we are kissing our mother, it foretells great success for us in our professional life, and perhaps also in our personal life. If we kiss a person we do not know, it may be a signal from our subconscious that in waking life we are leading an overly promiscuous lifestyle, or that we are focusing only on pleasure, neglecting our obligations.

When we dream that someone is kissing a person with whom we are involved in waking life, it means that subconsciously we know that we should be courting this person more, because the flame of old passion has died out in our relationship.

When we dream about a kiss and there is darkness in our dreams, it is a sign that soon we or someone towards us will commit infidelity or engage in some illicit venture. If, on the other hand, it is light during the kiss, it means our or someone’s good intentions towards us and foretells that soon there will be some definitely negative changes in our life.


Dreambook mystic – a kiss

This symbol can mean that in waking life you desire to experience love and long for tenderness. It can also be a sign that you feel great affection for someone.

Dreambook kissing – see detailed interpretation

  • If you dream that you kissed someone, it means that someone will not consider some request of yours.
  • When you dream that you kissed a woman, it is a signal that in waking life you enjoy great success with the opposite sex.
  • If you kissed a man in your dream, it heralds that you will soon have to say goodbye to someone.
  • When you kiss your mother, it signals that in waking life you miss tenderness very much and dream to experience it, although you may not fully realize it.
  • If you kiss an elderly person in your dream, it augurs disappointment for you in the emotional sphere.
  • A kiss on the hand means that you will have good luck in relationships with people – in love and friendship.
  • If you see people kissing, it foretells that you will feel sad and depressed for some reason in the near future.
  • When you see someone you love kissing someone else, it foreshadows great passion for you.
  • Kissing the ground foreshadows trouble and humiliation for you.
  • When you dream you are kissing someone’s face, it means you will soon have some success.
  • If you dream that you want to kiss someone against the prohibition, it foreshadows for you the nostalgia and depression you will feel in the near future.
  • A shy kiss appearing in your dream is a signal from your subconscious not to hide any longer the feelings you have in waking life for a person because you have many rivals and someone may overtake you.
  • When you dream that someone kissed you, it foreshadows that you will enjoy the respect of people who will appreciate your value.
  • A passionate kiss signals that in waking life you desire someone very much.
  • When you dream that you exchange many kisses, it is a sign that your future is bright.

A dream about kissing


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