A dream about a failure, breakdown

dream symbols failure, breakdown

A dream about a failure, breakdown

It happens often in our dreams, that something we need at the moment breaks down or crashes.

The car breaks down, the computer crashes, we break our glasses, burn the meal which we really wanted to prepare, spill coffee on an important document or fight with a flood in our apartment…We are trying to fix it, but the problem is beyond our elementary knowledge or capabilities. We wake up frustrated.


How to interpret a dream about a failure, breakdown?

Dreams in which items does not work, we break something or crash, tells a lot about us. If, for example, our computer crashes in the dream, our brain may be paralyzed with a problem we have been fighting for some time and which we can not solve…And similarly with a broken-down car, that we can not fix, although we are trying hard. Let’s wonder about the emotions in the dream, how are we trying to fix the failure and if we are able to relate the events from our dream to real life.
Some of the dream interpreters believe that the dreams in which somethings gets broken down, may attest to the possibility of health problems in the nearest time, which are intuited by our unconscious mind. If such dreams appear more often, we should go see the doctor and get examined.

How would Freud interpret a dream about a failure, breakdown?

For Freud, such items as a car or a computer were phallic symbols and dreams about their failures or breakdowns may indicate the subconscious fear of impotence.

How would Jung interpret a dream about a failure, breakdown?

In Jung’ s opinion, the dreams in which we deal with broken items prove that, deep inside our soul, we are fighting against negative emotions and bad attitude towards the surrounding.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a failure, breakdown

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