A dream about food

Some dream specialists claim that eating in a dream is directly related to all the positive things the body needs for its optimal functioning.

A dream about food is associated with two main themes: material security (prosperity and finances) and emotional well-being.


It also has a strong connection with female figures. If someone is worried about their mother, grandmother, or girlfriend, he may be dreaming about food.

Dreambook food

To see food

The dreambook warns that such a dream reflects a lack of focus on things of real importance and a focus on what is unimportant.

If you dream about being in a place of storing or growing food products, the dream signifies a fear of losing what you have already achieved. It can also signify a desire to make provisions to protect yourself from some situations.

Food on the table

If you saw food on the table in your dream, it is a positive sign. The dream symbolizes a good and prosperous life. Pay attention to the dishes on the table and who sits behind them.

If you dream of eating alone, it is a warning that people are moving away from you and do not consider you a good friend. Check what is wrong in your relationships with others.

If you are eating with other people, it means that you have many friends on whom you can always count.


You are eating a meal

If you dream that you are eating something and it makes you happy, it means that you are surrounded by happiness, whether in the material or emotional sphere.

If you dream that you are swallowing something you don’t like, the message is that you will soon be hurt by someone.

If in a dream, you are eating a meal in the company of another person, it is a sign of the beginning of a new relationship or the strengthening of a current one. The dream can also indicate the formation of successful professional partnerships, new business, and fortunes in a game.

If you are eating a meal with another person is an unpleasant situation, it refers to arguments or discussions in the family, relationships, or personal projects.

You are hungry

You most likely feel unhappy or hurt by someone close to you, unappreciated by a relative or partner.

Perhaps your family situation is causing you worry or dissatisfaction.

You are cooking food

This is a reflection of prosperity and novelty.

If you enjoy cooking, the dream indicates good business, professional development, and new professional opportunities. It is also an indication to prepare for a new moment in your career, update your resume, or pay more attention to new opportunities that arise.


If you are preparing food in your dream, it means that a happy period in your life is coming. It is a perfect time to realize your dreams, make new friends, and start studies or new ventures.

You are cutting food

The dream’s meaning may suggest that you are cutting yourself off from people who have a bad influence on you.

Although you may encounter unpleasant situations now, moving away from these people is definitely a good decision and will benefit your future and well-being.

You are buying food

The dream may signify a trip or a search for funds to realize your dreams.

The dreambook advises: seek your dreams, follow what makes you happy, and what is important to you. Now is a good opportunity to seek help or knowledge.

You receive food

If you receive food in your dream, especially sweets, you may be surprised by something like a raise or pregnancy.

You can expect surprises. They will be nice for you and will have a significant impact on your future.

You serve food (give food to others)

The dream shows that you will soon achieve your goals and receive a reward or some extra gratification for your efforts. This is a time of reaping the results of your work and efforts.


You are eating in a restaurant.

The dream is a warning: it’s time to rest. You have plenty of obligations and stress in your life. It is necessary to stop for a while to catch your breath. Why not take a few days off?

Eating dinner

The dream heralds the arrival of better times. You can expect an improvement in your financial situation and relationships with the people you are eating dinner with. You can also expect good news.

You are eating French fries.

It’s time to change your lifestyle. Think about your diet and habits. Take care of your health. The dreambook warns: you need to respect yourself more and listen to your body’s signals.

You are eating pizza

A dream in which you are eating pizza means that your life is on a good streak. It also means that you are missing something, longing for something, or feeling deprived of some opportunity.

You are eating ham

Take care of yourself, and do not underestimate your well-being. If you dream that you are eating ham, it means that you need to rest. The dream can also indicate a lot of emotional difficulties. You may want to seek the help of a specialist.

Eating meat

If, in a dream, you are eating, cutting, or preparing something made of meat, it symbolizes rivalry. If you are eating meat, it means that you will fight and succeed in some dispute.

Cutting meat also means success, ending an argument, clarifying some situation, discovering the truth, etc. If you choked during the dream or the meat is spoiled or doesn’t taste good, the dreambook explains that you will be exposed to attacks from others. You may be cheated or wrongly accused of something.

Eating fish

The dream that you are eating fish expresses your happiness, energy, and joy.


If, in a dream, you clean the fish you intend to eat, it means that your emotions affect your relationships with other people.

Try to be more in control of yourself.

A dream about fish can also mean that you are unable to express your feelings.

Eating cake

The dream indicates professional prosperity and physical health (if the food is tasty).

It also speaks of the need for reconciliation or forgiveness and indicates news to come from someone. If you dream that the cake is terrible or you can’t eat it, the dream symbolizes boredom and bad news.

Eating ice cream

If you dream that you are eating ice cream is a sign that happiness accompanies you, you are guaranteed to succeed in love and get a lot of satisfaction out of your life.

A dream about ice cream also means that your body needs to rest, and you need to control your temper.

If, in a dream, your ice melts, it is a sign that you feel frustrated.


If you dream of eating sour or unpleasant ice cream, it means sadness, disappointment, or betrayal.

Eating chocolate

The dream signifies contentment, pleasure, and indulging yourself. Still, it may also mean that you have no control over some things, and you may have problems as a result.

You should think more about your behavior and habits.

Eating a cake, pie

A dream about a cake means that you are a person who invests everything to fulfill your projects.

It also means that you are a person who likes to share your life with others.

Eating donuts

If you are eating doughnuts in your dream, in waking life, you are in for a good time, a nice meeting, or a romantic moment. It heralds pleasant social gatherings and relaxing with friends.

Dishes from different parts of the world

Seen in dreams, a dishes from different parts of the world can reflect the comfort of your life, and it can be a sign that you are looking for family warmth such as the one you experienced in childhood.

Baby food

A dream about baby food can mean that the people around you need your support.


It can also mean that it’s time to start a diet.

The dreambook also suggests that you will have the opportunity to learn something again, thus seize this opportunity.

Canned food

You are too secretive. You are hiding your feelings – maybe it’s time to show what you feel? Find a trusted friend so you can talk about your emotions.

Exotic food

The dream’s meaning reveals that a person who will love you very much will soon appear in your life. Be prepared for strong emotions, and don’t be afraid to be happy.

Tasty food

The dream usually means that you have excellent relationships with family and friends. People around you feel happy and are kind to you. They want your welfare.

Fresh food

The dream is a sign of health. If you have had recent health problems – your condition will clearly improve. It also means that you will become firm and strong.

It is also a sign that your goals will be achieved, and you will succeed and gain financial benefits.

Spoiled food (old, stale)

The dream means that it is necessary to look at friendships and partnerships. You may be dealing with betrayal.


A dream about spoiled food can also symbolize overlooking family issues. It is worth approaching the problems of relatives and helping as much as possible. The dream may also indicate the need to care more for the woman’s health in the family.

The dreambook warns that you should take care of your savings and not waste money. Take care of your projects and, above all, your work because something may happen that will harm your income.

The dreambook also recommends controlling your emotions, which can affect many important things in your life. A dream means that you feel anger or resentment towards someone.

This feeling consumes you and tires you more and more, so try to clarify the situation and regain your composure.

Burnt (scorched) food

The dream may suggest that your plans are very specific, but you are not prepared to fulfill them. You should reconsider them and decide if this is the right time for what you have planned.

Plenty of food

The dream symbolizes times of abundance, expect professional and personal success.

Good fortune will also accompany your loved ones. Abundance will be the result of some decision or project. Thus it is crucial that you focus on your goals.

Saving food

The dream symbolizes a lack of faith in others and fear of betrayal. Reflect on your fears and consider whether the people around you deserve your trust.


Leftover food

Such a dream comes to warn you about difficulties and low income. Maybe it’s time to start saving and focus on what’s really important.

Pet food

The dreambook informs you that you are improving your skills to achieve your goals.

In addition, the dream means that you need to control yourself and stop being irrational, get less angry, and dismiss any negative feelings.

Eating glass

The meaning of dream symbolizes problems in communicating with others.

Work on this problem because it can affect your personal and professional affairs in a significant way.

Eating worms

The dream is a warning against fake people in your environment.

Take a look at those with whom you interact and hang out on a daily basis. Trust only those who fully deserve it.

Eating poop (feces).

The dream means that you will achieve the goal you have set for yourself. To do this, you will use intelligence and cleverness. However, your quest for success may be perceived unfavorably by others.


Dream meaning: food

  • To see food – you are eating – you focus on what is small
  • You are eating on the table – a good and prosperous life ahead of you
  • You are eating a meal – everything is going positively
  • You are hungry – you feel unhappy or hurt by someone close to you
  • You are eating – it is a good time to realize your dreams, make new friends, and study
  • You cut food – cut yourself off from people on whom you are eating a bad influence
  • You buy food – follow what makes you happy, what is important to you
  • You receive food – expect surprises
  • You serve food (give food to others) – it’s time to reap the results of your work
  • You are eating in a restaurant – it is time to relax
  • You are eating dinner – expect an improvement in your financial situation and relationships with others
  • Eating French fries – take care of your health
  • Eating pizza – you miss something, something is missing
  • Eating ham – you need to rest, do not underestimate your well-being
  • Eating meat – you will struggle and succeed
  • Eating fish – you are unable to express your feelings
  • Eating cake – good news is coming
  • Eating ice cream – success in love and plenty of satisfaction with life awaits you
  • Eating chocolate – you have no control over some things
  • Eating cake – you like to share everything with others
  • Eating donuts – you are eating – you are looking forward to a good time, a nice social gathering, romantic moments
  • Dishes from different parts of the world – you are looking for family warmth
  • Baby food – it’s time to start a diet
  • Canned food – it’s time to show what you feel
  • Exotic food – someone will appear who will love you very much
  • Tasty food – people around you feel happy
  • Fresh food – you will achieve success and financial benefits
  • Spoiled food (old, stale) – you should take care of your finances and your family
  • Burnt (burnt) food – you are not ready to carry out your plans
  • Plenty of food – expect professional and personal successes
  • Saving food – think about your fears
  • Leftover food – focus on what’s really important
  • Pet food – you need to control yourself and dismiss any negative feelings
  • Eating glass – work on communication with others
  • Eating bugs – watch out for fake people around you
  • Eating poop (feces) – you will achieve your goal if you use intelligence and cunning

Food – mystical dreambook

  • If you dream about eating hastily, it is a positive harbinger regarding your health. It foretells that nothing should ail you in the near future.
  • Feasting alone means you do not enjoy much favor in your surroundings. Still, you should not resent anyone for this, as you have earned it yourself with your cruelty and lack of empathy.
  • When in a dream you are eating something in the company of other people, it is a harbinger of good fortune in the professional sphere.
  • Eating a modest meal is a sign that, in waking life, you regret something you have done.
  • If you want to eat in a dream but can’t, it may foreshadow some important change in life for you.
  • If you see someone eating, it is a sign that you will soon attend some important celebration.
  • A tasty meal foretells good health for you, while an unsavory one – health problems, but temporary and not very serious.
  • Burnt food means that you will soon receive some unfavorable news.
  • Oriental food means that there will soon be some important event in your life, but it will affect your well-being badly. Thus it will probably not be positive.
  • Unfamiliar foods foretell that something will happen that will taint your sense of happiness that you are feeling or will soon feel.
  • If you are eating meat in your dream, it foretells an improvement in your financial situation through an influx of cash.
  • If you are eating spoiled meat, it may foretell illness or just a worsened sense of well-being.
  • If you are eating sweet pastry, it means that you will soon start to be successful.
  • If you are eating vegetables, it heralds excellent form and a surge of energy for you.
  • Eating fruit heralds a happy, reciprocated love.

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