A dream about food

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A dream about food

We need food to live and to function properly. We can survive a short time without it and then we are sure to die… No wonder that it is a subject of our care, an important aspect of our everyday existence.

That is why we should treat dreams about food seriously. How to analyze them and what to pay a special attention to – we advise below.


How to interpret a dream about food?

We often dream about preparing meals. We should analyze those dreams paying a special attention to all the ingredients and kitchenware which we use to prepare a dish – every of them may have a significant meaning, do not ignore any of the symbols which appear in our dream.

It is believed that the food we consume in a dream is the equivalent of the spiritual “food” which we want strongly and miss in everyday life. When we refuse to eat something in our dream, it is possible that we feel disgusted with some aspect of our real life – maybe we should fight it and take care of it more intensively to find the source of such feelings.

Dreams about food and the psychology

There is a group of psychologists who divide people into the people who like to feed and the people who like to be fed. Those last ones are people who dream about creating a simple world ruled by kindness and good nature. In real life, they are comfort-loving, avoid difficult situations which need effort and involvement, because they like clear and safe ones. So if we dream about being fed and we are enjoying it, we probably miss such a vision of the world as described above – we want to feel protected and cosseted. Let’s pay attention to dishes in the dream – usually, when we miss a peaceful life, we dream about consuming bland, delicate, unseasoned food, but if we want to spice up our life – we dream about eating spicy, distinct meals.

Dreams about food and the relationship between a man and a woman

Dreams about food or feeding are associated with human sexuality. For instance, a meal eaten by partners may symbolize intimate contacts between them, offering someone food may indicate an unambiguous proposal, while a dream about being hungry – unsatisfied needs, etc. Those dreams should be interpreted regarding our own experiences, feelings and customs. We can base on ready interpretations, but we should do it wisely.

Dreams about food and the thirst for power

Some interpreters believe that dreams about food, e.g, feeding somebody, indicate our need to dominate the others and to have power. That is because controlling food which we need to live had been a great power for ages, and, what can not be hidden, was in the hands of women. A dream about a mother cooking dinner may be a sign of longing for childhood or a dream of…incest, but also testify to aversion to a dominating mother. Obviously, the correct interpretation depends on our feelings and mood in the dream.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about food

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